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My Husband Wrote A Blog Post About Date Nights And Now It’s Game On


This boy is in so much trouble. I love my husband but seriously… he is in it deep! 

So, as you know, my husband started a blog called “Guy and the Blog” and he absolutely loves writing for it.  Well, yesterday as I was online and reading all his recent posts… I came across THIS ONE.


We always make these promises to one another. We are the kings and queens of great ideas. There will be movie nights and nightly strolls. There will be painting classes and partner yoga. But so far… it’s been slim pickings.

I am actually so happy that he wrote it – that he dug this big hole – because it means that we are going to have a great end of the year. We don’t always stay home every weekend – don’t get me wrong. Thankfully, our town is never short of couple parties to attend. BUT YOU KNOW and I KNOW that they always feel like a high school dance – boys on one side and girls on another. That’s not what we need. We need one-on-one time! A reservation for two and PRONTO.

Do you do date night with your husband? How often? Is it about time? Money is an issue – it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Even a two-hour walk outside without the kids will do!

Money is an issue – I’m no fool. We have to be realistic otherwise, our budgets will go right out of the window. It doesn’t always have to be expensive – it just has to be personal. Even a two-hour walk outside without the kids will do!

So, Bill… thanks for writing that post. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Rebecca Bryant

Friday 9th of September 2016

In the 24years i've been married we have yet to have a date night. Every since we said I DO the date nights said I Don't. I must admit we are okay with being a stay home couple. Besides we are usually the designated babysitters for everyone else to go out.

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