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5 Ways To Get Ready For A Healthy Back To School: #HealthiestYouEver Culturelle Community

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It’s back-to-school (BTS) time for millions and millions of kids! It’s really an amazing time of the year. A time of mixed emotions for everyone. The kids love seeing their friends and getting back into all those fun activities, but you know they miss the lazy days of summer – beaches, no homework, and ice cream shop visits. The same is true for the parents. Yes, it’s nice to have some peace and quiet around the house, but it’s also a bit sad to see the end of care-free days where the kids were around more. In the end, it’s all part of life, right!

One thing that is for certain, health and hygiene become a huge part of life once again. When it’s BTS time for the Sweeney’s, there are a few things we really try to focus on a little bit more than we do during those “crazy” summer months.

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Here are 5 tips for getting your kids on track for a happy and healthy school year.

1. Get back on schedule

  • Get those kids to bed at an early time each and every night, no matter the after school work or activity
  • Getting enough sleep is easily one of the most important health issues for people, especially kids used to staying up later during the summer

2.Get on a healthier and more regimented snack and meal agenda

  • While we don’t let the kids go insane (it’s not Lord of the Flies here), we do let some rules slip a bit during the summer…that ends now
  • The kids need to eat a good, healthy breakfast mixed with carbs, dairy, protein, and fruit to get them going and off to a good start
  • Lunch and snack time should include some fun, but it really should mostly be healthy. This includes lots of fruit, yogurt, nuts, and veggies
  • When the kids come home, have them snack right away and have it be good for them, too. This will allow them to tackle homework and activities while not ruining their appetites for dinner
  • There will be fewer treats like ice cream and candy now that we’re back in the “real world” again…ugh, groan, hiss

3.Talk to your kids about their day

  • I’m a drill sergeant with this anyway, but this is the time of year that they need to be heard the most
  • Reduce some of the stress associated with new schools, teachers, classmates, and school work by having them let it all out to you
  • Try to put a happy and positive spin on as much as you can to get them excited and into the school year and all of its changes

4.Instill good hygiene habits

  • Remind them of the importance of washing their hands…the right way
  • Pack some anti-bacterial sanitizer and a pack of tissues
  • Try to get them to wash their hands in some way before they eat snack and lunch
  • Teach them to use a paper towel to open the door when they are leaving the bathroom
  • While we know it’s fun, remind them that sharing food and drinks can pass colds and flu

5.Include vitamins and a probiotic in their daily diet

  • Vitamins are great ways to supplement what they may not be getting during meal and snack time, essential to growing and living a healthy life
  • Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Complete FormulaProbioticoffers some amazing health benefits including digestive and immunity support, promoting overall health
  • It works in your body’s core to help maintain a healthy balance of the good and non-beneficial bacteria in your body
  • Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Complete Formulacontains the #1 clinically (scientifically) studied probiotic (strain) that works around the clock for you and your body.

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While there is certainly no holy grail or silver bullet to keeping your kids healthy during back-to-school time (and throughout the year), these 5 little tips really go a long way to supporting that goal. It’s a long, intense process, but taking it one step at a time really helps me and my kids out. Once it’s all incorporated into their daily schedules (this is on you at first, mom and dad), it really does become second nature for them. That is, of course, until it all gets destroyed come next summer. LOL. ;0) Good luck!!

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Although I have been compensated by i-Health, Inc., the makers of Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1, the opinions expressed in this blog are independent and not associated with i-Health.


Rebecca Bryant

Friday 9th of September 2016

We are all about washing hands. Son play Tuba in the marching band so you can imagine the germs flying around the music room with all that hot air. Lots of washing and Vitamin c.

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