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My Blue Man Group Review And Why You Should Take Your Kids

We took the family to see a Blue Man Group performance in NYC earlier this month and everyone had a fantastic time. It wasn’t our first time attending the Blue Man Group Show. In fact, it was our 6th and we still had such a great time thanks to their high energy and new skits.

blue man group review

My Blue Man Group Review And Why You Should Take Your Kids

We visited the NYC location, but additional shows are running worldwide. If you like visual art, live music, and lots of laughs, get your tickets today.

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Our tickets were gifted, but as I’ve mentioned, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this show. I wasn’t even married the first time I saw Blue Man Group! So, I’ve been an audience member for over 20 years.

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Blue Man Group Tips And Tricks

Since, I’ve attended quite a few shows in the past, I’d like to offer you a few tips to help you make the most of your audience member experience. Read this independent show guide at face value and take what you want from it. But remember one thing – there will be plenty of audience interaction! So, get ready for it.

If you can swing it, opt to get tickets in the poncho section of the theatre. This section consists of the first few available rows. Just like it sounds, guests will each receive a poncho to wear during the performance because it gets messy. During the entire show, the people in the first few rows remain on high alert. Not only do they enjoy new music and a good time, but they might have … stuff thrown on them when they least expect it. Items such as paint, water, crunched-up cereal, and mushed-up Twinkie substance, to name a few. LOL! If you have children, they will LOVE IT.

If you can’t swing the front rows, try to select the row right underneath the balcony in the NYC location. During the ending, that row gets an extra special treat! That’s where we sat, and not only did we have a great view, but the great performance ended with a bang. Check out my IG video to see what I mean!

There are plenty of strobe lights working during this visual rock concert. So, just be prepared if you or your children are sensitive to that.

off broadway show nyc

The Blue Men don’t say a single word during their performance. Not one. You might find wordless acting odd in the beginning, but the awkward pauses eventually turn hilarious as you fall in love with their facial expressions. Their speechless theme is a main part of the entire storyline. Don’t expect them to break character as they paint drums or run around in blue makeup.

There is a live band! It’s not just the blue guys performing on stage! The Blue Men remain on the main floor, but if you look UP you will see a band rocking and rolling above the center stage.

Go with FUN PEOPLE and try to go with YOUNG people. I had this little girl behind me. I feel like she was 4 at best. She giggled and laughed for the total length of the show. She was the cutest thing on the PLANET, and hearing her get so excited watching the performance made it that much better for me. I was living through her! It was really sweet. So, find some young cousins and treat them to some fun if you don’t have little kids. Or just make sure you go with someone that has a young heart.

It’s been a couple of years since I last attended one of these performances, and some skits remained the same. However, some differences made it feel new. The overall show is funny and creative, captivating, and a little gross at times. It’s the perfect combo for kids.

If you have anyone in your life that loves music or wants to get into music, you have to take them to see this show because the actors show you how anything can become musical instruments. The trio plays drums… but they also play PVC pipes! During the whole show, you can’t help but tap your foot as you watch them all in action. Very creative energy.

So, what are you waiting for?! I hope this Blue Man Group review got you interested in booking some tickets because I know you won’t regret it. Life isn’t serious, and it shouldn’t always feel that way. Have some silly fun and relax a bit with some family and friends.

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