Movie Review: Life As We Know It

I never realized how much in love with Josh Duhamel I am until I saw ‘Life As We Know It’. I’m talking straight up obsession. All I kept thinking about was HOW LUCKY Fergie was! My word!!

Bill and I headed into the city for a press preview and I walked in absolutely knowing the end to the story. I hate watching movies that are predictable. Usually I shy away from such films, but this one was different. This journey made it all worth while. Even Bill kept saying how much he enjoyed the film.

Katherine Heigl is the QUEEN of romantic comedies. She is relatable. She has great comedic timing and that girl knows how to cry for a scene. Josh is the one that really surprised me. I’ve watched him in the ‘Transformers’ series and didn’t expect much emotion or depth from his part. Boy – was I wrong!! I felt his struggled and I cried with him while he was going through it.

Absolutely worth a date night out!

At the end of the film I felt very grateful for my family and my children. Sometimes we all get pulled in the wrong direction – thinking we are missing out on a better life because we have to worry about responsibility and duty. But this film showed me that I am on the right side of the fence. It’s everything I always wanted and I am living it one breath at a time. Instead of rushing out of the chaos I am now going to sit back and take in every second.

This is what life is about. Naturally you know the beginning of the story. A mother and father die and leave their child to their feuding best friends. I kept thinking how very sad (AND REAL) that possibility is. It was a freak accident – a car crash. In a moment everything changed. This could all be taken away from me at any time, so I better appreciate it – every last drop.

I won’t tell you the middle – because that’s the best part. I’m sure you can figure out the end… so I won’t go there either. Trust me! This feel-good movie will be liked by all (even the men in your life).

And did I mention that Josh is freaking hot? Just in case I didn’t mention it… HE IS.

Are you planning on seeing the film?

I attended a complimentary screening of this movie to facilitate my review and received a gift card from Mom Central Consulting as a thank you for my time.

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