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Loving King Of Harts Clothing For Boys: Child Style

When did my little boy get so BIG? I can’t stand it? I went shopping for Caleb and Liam and found some super fab looks from King of Harts – Melissa Joan Hart’s new clothing line for boys.


I totally appreciate this brand because as a mom of boys, she understands the LACK of nice clothing out there for our sons! I mean, the girls dominate the market on great finds, right? Well, no more! I found a few spot on pieces and both my boys rocked them for this mini photo shoot.

Loving King Of Harts Clothing For Boys: Child Style

First up, let’s take a look at Caleb’s Mason Jeans and Emerald Bay Flannel shirt combo. I LOVE the colors on this top because they really pop. The fabric is nice and warm – just perfect for the colder months, but the style is on trend and dresses my little man up a bit even though he is super comfortable and casual.

The Mason jeans have some patchwork around the knees which give them a little more detail. Over all, a really simple but great looking outfit for any active boy. king_harts

And when it gets cold outside – because you know it’s getting there – why not grab this Tahoe Parker? With a furry inside hoodie and buttons that give extra security to the zipper, my boy is sure to be nice and snug during any storm.

I love the muted color of the jacket as well. While I am all for the big and bold for my kids, sometimes I like casual everyday colors as well.  Oh – and it’s machine washable! Boom!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.17.22 PM

Just wanted to show you the inside of this coat – it’s sherpa lined. Trust me, your baby will be nice and warm!



Last but not least we have my 8 year old, Liam, wearing the King of Harts Zephry Cove Flannel Shirt. He actually wore this shirt on Veterans Day – love the red, white and blue!!

You cannot go wrong with this color combo! Pair it with your favorite tee or rock it on its own. Up to you! For more information about King of Harts, click here.

*company sent sample for review

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