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‘Lady And The Blog’ Attended ‘101 Dalmatians: The Musical’ At Madison Square Garden


Last week I was invited to attend an evening show of 101 Dalmatians Musicial at Madison Square Garden. Did you know that the show actually has LIVE dogs in it? I thought that was so cool! Press was told to come a bit earlier to do a meet and greet with… RASCAL, one of the stage dogs. LOL! How could I pass that up?


A handful of bloggers got to bring their children up close and personal with the lovable pooch. He was VERY friendly and patient. The kids were so unbelievably excited and Rascal handled it all with the help of a handful of treats.

After a few moments (and caving into a cotton candy purchase) we were brought to our seats and the show began. Here’s the interesting part. The humans were all on stilts and their homes were over-sized to appear larger than the dog pack. Mr. & Mrs. Pongo were played by adults but they needed to be perceived as smaller than their owners. What a perfect solution.

Cruella De Vil stole the show for me. And while the storyline was a bit different than that of the cartoon, I enjoyed what they did with the production. Unfortunately, Liam was a bit too young at 2. I would suggest bringing children at least 5 and up. Maybe if we went to a 2pm show, it would have been different.

Click on the continue reading link below to see a ton of pictures of the kids meeting Rascal, plus a look at what we ate for dinner right before heading into MSG.

Oh and there’s a hilarious picture of Liam and Rascal getting… acquainted.





We arrived a bit earlier and ate across the street from Madison Square Garden. We’ve been to Lugo’s before and their $12 pizzas can’t be beat.







Sunday 11th of April 2010

Thanks so much! I got a new camera and I am totally loving it. It's a Canon Rebel XSi.

sofie V

Sunday 11th of April 2010

Wow, gorgeous pictures Vera! The quality is amazing.

Natalie and Liam must have been SO excited! I'd be excited too. ;-)

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