Kids Started Tennis – And They LOVE IT



We didn’t think Liam would be able to start tennis SO YOUNG, but we took a chance. The instructor was giggling a bit at the beginning because he couldn’t connect and she thought that was the cutest thing ever. Then he started wacking the balls and she was all over him.

Again. Again. One more time Liam.

It was so fun to watch!!

Natalie was freaking SERVING by the end of the half hour. The instructor COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! Over hand and everything. It took her about 5 minutes to be able to hit the ball over the net and then she was like an animal. When the session was over – they were ready for MORE.

The instructor told us she started playing at their age which made me feel good about getting them started so young. I’m about to take my first lesson as well. THE THOUGHT is that when we all get older, we can play together as a family. That’s the thought.

Do you have your children in a sport? Which one?

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  1. Jan wrote:

    Holy are they ever growing ! I cant believe how big your daughter has gotten.

    Posted 7.13.10
  2. From Europe wrote:

    Seems like so much fun. I never did this with my parents, but I think it’s a great idea. Something I’d like to do with my future kids 😉

    Posted 7.13.10
  3. capturinglife wrote:

    I’m glad they both really liked it! Tennis a great sport to get them started in young. I wish I would’ve stuck with it. Hope your lesson goes well!

    Posted 7.13.10
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Natalie has good form in that pic

    Posted 7.13.10
  5. lisa wrote:

    Glad to hear the kids took to Tennis so well!

    Could we please all agree to stop using the term ‘SO FUN’, it’s a terrible slang term.


    Posted 7.14.10
  6. Leslie wrote:

    Lisa – but it’s so fun to use! 😉

    Posted 7.14.10
  7. KissKiss wrote:

    Cute! Your daughter looks like a little pro in that picture 😀

    Posted 7.16.10

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