I’m Taking The Special K Challenge @SpecialKUS To Try To Lose 6 Pounds

It’s 2012 and my motto is “New Year: New Rear”. Yeah, I said it! I want to wear a bathing suit this year without 600 layers to hide my body. It’s just ridiculous. I remember when I went to the Dominican Republic with Bill in 2010. I was wearing a tankini / skirt. People were looking at me like I was CRAZY. Meanwhile, the entire beach (every single body type) was topless and in thong bikinis. Men too! LOL!

So, today I signed up for the Special K Challenge. I am looking to lose 6 pounds which doesn’t seem like a lot – but those 6 pounds are practically kicking me out of my jean size!!

It took me all but 4 minutes to officially sign up. It looks like I can reach my goal weight in 21 days. Fingers crossed! Thank goodness I’m starting this AFTER the holidays. LOL. I was BAD BAD BAD in December. Let’s just leave it at that.

After registering, I took a look at my personal plan. It tells me exactly what I should eat morning – noon – and night. Love it! I’m all about following a plan. Otherwise, I feel very overwhelmed. I can’t get over  how I can have waffles though -that’s crazy!

Well, wish me luck! I need this to happen!! 😉  2012 is all about healthy living for me!

It’s time for you to “weigh in” on the topic of weight management. What are your thoughts and opinions about weight loss? What works? What doesn’t?

Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. Average weight loss when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 4.8 pounds. Weight loss may vary. Average waist circumference reduction when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 1.3 inches. Weight loss may vary.
I participated in this program through a partnership with TheMotherhood on behalf of Special K. I received product and supplies to complete the plan. All opinions and statements are based on my own opinion and experience.

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  1. Linsey K wrote:

    Hi, Vera! Excited to see you trying the Special K blog challenge, as well. I’m excited, because the products are delish! Good luck 🙂

    Posted 1.2.12
  2. HalaG wrote:

    Hey hope the special K challenge goes well for you! just started today myself, i’ll be interested to see how it goes for us both!

    Posted 1.3.12
  3. t wrote:

    Hi Vera,

    Just stopping by to say hi. I am also doing the challenge along with you. I am so happy to see how easy it is to do…along with getting set up.

    Here’s to losing weight! 🙂

    Posted 1.4.12
  4. Good luck with the Challenge – I hope you’re at your goal in 21 days!

    Posted 1.4.12
  5. Anne wrote:

    I agree, I love having a plan. I do better when I don’t think about what to eat too much

    Posted 1.6.12

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