I’m A Unique Individual, That’s Why I Love Verizon FiOS #CustomTV

I am excited to be able to customize my TV package thanks to Verizon FiOS®, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #CustomTV

Verizon FiOS Custom TV Headphone Collage

I’m always on-the-move. I can’t stop. It seems like I’ve been traveling just about every week for a long time now and even when I’m home, I’m torn in a million directions…be it work, the kids, Bill, family or friends. I never seem to have any time to breathe…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d be bored and insane if I ever stopped. No, really. That being said, I love my shows. Bill knows all too well that there’s TV to watch. I need to keep in the loop with all my fav vampire, zombie, and 17th century gory action.

As awesome as TV is, I need to have a TV provider and package that I can customize to fit into my rather unique lifestyle and my non-traditional viewing preferences.You know I’m all about being me, girl. I want to be able to watch TV the way I want to watch it, wherever that may be. Is that too much to ask? Bill, always taking the budget into account, only wants to pay for only the channels we actually care about (thank goodness someone is on top of these things)!

As you know may already know (see my first and second post if you didn’t), I am lucky enough to be working with Verizon FiOS®, talking about their new Custom TV product. I already think its pretty amazing…but it just got a little bit more amazing for me. I recently came home from a trip to San Francisco to find a tech-filled package of love put together just for me! If you know me, I am all about being pampered with new product! Well, hello product!

Verizon FiOS Custom TV Vera Essie Collage

Let me share some of the details with you. They sent me over such fantastic stuff, including: a Canary Home Security Box so my wireless internet can protect my family and home when I’m away; some Layla Headphones so I can glam out and be totally fab when I’m working or watching TV; and Essie “Flowerista” Nail Polish so I can always stay on-trend with the latest and best beauty products! I just love, love, love this whole package. It’s perfect for me!!! This really suits my lifestyle…just like Verizon FiOS Custom TV does!!

If you are excited about this new way of watching TV your way, I have some fabulously awesome news for you right now…Verizon is rolling out to it’s customers right now! You have to check it out!

Here’s some info on how it all works. It’s so easy:

  1. Select a Base package of 36 pre-selected channels, plus local broadcast channels, and at least two Channel Packs out of a choice of seven
  2. The categories for the Channel Packs are:
    • Kids
    • Pop Culture
    • Lifestyle
    • Entertainment
    • News & Info
    • Sports
    • Sports Plus*    
  3. Base package plus two Channel Packs is $54.99 (standalone)
  4. If you choose to add additional channel packs beyond the first 2, they are just $10 each
  5. Enjoy

Verizon FiOS Custom TV Vera Kids Collage

I mean, can you stand it? This is how cable and satellite TV should have been all along!! Power to the people! There’s a pack for everyone, and one just for you. This is a simple way to find the types of channels you want to watch, and pay for exactly that. You get to customize your TV package to meet your needs, so why would you buy TV any other way? When you buy a new car, you pick the features you want, right? So why should another thing you use just about every day be any different? It shouldn’t, and now it’s not!! Enjoy the freedom, people, and be yourselves!!

To find out more Verizon FiOS® Custom TV, please visit:

*Sports Plus is only available when paired with Sports Channel Pack. Additional RSN fee applies

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