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#FandangoFamily Makes Family Time That Much Easier!

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This past month has been a great month for my family and the movies! We love the movies in general, but there’s still nothing quite like checking one out in the movie theater. Be honest…the seats, the huge screen, the 3D, the massive tub of popcorn and giant soda. It’s an experience that just can’t be duplicated at home, no matter how amazing a home theater set you have.

The first movie we saw was Jurassic World. Yes, it’s PG-13, but we felt that Natalie and Liam were ready for it! We prepped them with some original Jurassic Park (still amazing to this day) for days before time. Sure, there was some eye covering at times, but overall, they were so into it. How can you not be? I mean, an amusement park with dinosaurs? I wish it was real, despite, you know, all the, um challenges there seem to be with it! LOL.

At the end of the day, kids love dinosaurs and cool effects, which this movie has a ton of. It’s also great for you, as it’s not only a great movie in general, with a lot of great action and scenes, but it really takes you back to when you were younger (Jurassic Park is about 20 years old you know), which makes it so much cooler to see with you own kids.

Are your kids ready to see it? Well, really that depends on you and your kids. Yes, there were some scary parts where the dino was chasing people around and attacking. Yes, there was some blood, too, but for the most part the dinos caused havoc and kind of “cleanly” ate anyone in their path (I know that sounds odd, but I mean it was not unnecessarily gory). It was truly a lot of fun and a great experience for all of us.

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A couple of weeks later, we went to see Inside Out with the kids and a bunch of their friends. It was a great time, and EVERYONE loved it. This is your typical, amazing animation flick that’s perfect for the kids yet packs a thoughtful and emotional storyline for keeping the parents interested. And this one was a real teak-jerker. Pixar and Disney did NOT disappoint. Not a dry parent eye in the house! This movie is all about dealing with tween emotions and your little ones growing up. The angle of seeing inside the child’s mind and how the emotions featured in the film,joy, fear, sadness, anger and disgust, come to be, interact, and show themselves, really was brilliant. Everyone love, love, loved it!! I’m still talking about it to this day!

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As with all parenting these days, it seems like there are too many decisions and too much to worry about. Thankfully for us, there’s Fandango Family!! Fandango Family is the one-stop movie resource for moms and dads!!! Discover new movies for your kids, read parent-approved movie reviews, enjoy movie themed crafts + a whole lot more. Of course, you can easily buy all your tickets in advance and never have to worry about showing up at the theater, kids in tow, and finding out the movie is sold out!! It just makes life that much easier, which I am all about!

When we were thinking about what movies to see, we checked out this great clip and this trailer about Inside Out before we bought the tickets. It seemed like a no-brainer, perfect for everyone. While researching Jurassic World, we stumbled across great little finds, like this fun cake that’s just about perfect for a Jurassic party!! Even this piece on family feel-good movies hits just the right spot, doesn’t it??? There’s just so much great content on the site, you almost can’t make a bad decision. The site is so helpful, and entertaining, that it should be a go-to resource for you and your family, too!!

To find out more about Fandango Family and pick up your movie tickets before you head out, please visit:

*Lady and the Blog LLC received a gift card to purchase tickets for this post. All anecdotes and opinions are my own.

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