The Power Of The Personal Touch When It Comes To Customer Service (Thank You Delta)

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As you know, I am a Delta fanatic. I don’t work with them on a professional level – but I am a loyalist when it comes to travel and decided a long time ago that I would stick with this brand when it comes to air travel.

Fast forward several years and I’m just about ready to get a tattoo. But I’m also a New Yorker – which means I’m forever the skeptic. I love things… but not with all my heart. I’m always waiting to be disappointed. Jaded I know – but this is my way.

WELL – on my way to San Francisco this weekend, I was offered breakfast options that both included eggs. I only eat eggs ONE way (slathered with cheese and bacon) which makes breakfast options very difficult for me while I am on the road.

When you sit in Delta Comfort, you get a free meal BUT the choice is limited. For breakfast, they BOTH include egg. USUALLY, when I say I don’t eat egg, I am asked to pay to get something else. That’s the rule. However, this time the flight attendant decided to throw me a bone and gave me a turkey sandwich for free. Completely unexpected and happily welcomed!


But listen to this….

Heading back to NYC is when my mind was truly blown.

During the flight, an attendant walked around with a list and SHOOK THE HAND OF EVERY SINGLE medallion member on board.

“Mrs. Sweeney? I just want to shake your hand and thank you for being a Gold Member with Delta. Your business is truly appreciated.”

I was speechless. Beyond.

Delta suddenly became human.

It was the nicest thing that has ever happened on board a flight in my life. The sandwich was a freebie and I was so very thankful for that kind gesture but the acknowledgement was completely unexpected. It made me feel like they really cared about my business. And look, was it a marketing move? Who knows?? Was it just something that one attendant decided to do? Perhaps! But it worked. I walked off that plane with a smile reaffirming that my decision to stick to Delta was correct.

A free sandwich and a handshake. I guess I’m easy. 🙂

What has happened to you during your travels that stopped you in your tracks and made you smile?

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