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Hunter For Target – 8 Must-Have Picks For Women

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this Hunter for Target brand collaboration to launch. This isn’t a joke.

Hunter for Target

As soon as I heard that Hunter for Target was an actual thing… I started to believe in fairies again. In goodness. In rainbows and sunshine. I mean… WHAT?! Hunter BOOTS? Is that what you are telling me? Available at one of my favorite stores that I visit every single day of my life?

The ease of it all. The access. I am still in shock.

Man. Target has been working pretty hard on their brand collaborations lately, right? The last few years have been mind-blowing! You know what though? This one tops the cake for me. Truly!

Hunter For Target – 8 Must-Have Picks For Women

I’ve owned two Hunter boots over the course of my life and I actually remember the first time I slipped my first pair on. I was in high school. It was a very long time ago.

Back then, I used to write poetry – almost as a profession. My friends would come up to me and tell me their problems and then one period later I would find them in the halls and give them their customized poem. That is real.

I was like a poet for hire. LOL! Well, when I bought my first pair of boots from Hunter, I was so excited about it that I started to incorporate the shoe into my stories. Wellies. I still remember. That’s a hard word to rhyme.

As I put on my wellies

You softly rub my belly

Turns me right into jelly

I was 14… cut me some slack.

These boots and this brand are so important to me! That’s all I am trying to say. And now I can pick up a pair for $35?! Is this real life?

I can’t believe it! Not only is Hunter super on-trend and fashionable… now they are AFFORDABLE too? YEOW!

But listen, I’m talking an awful lot about shoes. There is so much more than that available at Target. Clothing and accessories galore!

Here are my top picks for WOMEN. You will also find styles for men and children too. I will try to do write-ups about those lines as well.

For now, I literally have to go because I need to jump in my car and snag some of these pieces before they are GONE. I need my Hunter boots today.

Hunter For Target Must-Haves

Women’s Colorblock Hooded Windbreaker Jacket – Retails for $40

 Women’s Waterproof Ankle Boots – Navy/Red – Retails for $35

 Women’s Rain Coat – Retails for $45

Hunter for Target Women’s Deconstructed Sweatshirt – Retails for $30

Hunter for Target Women’s Ankle Snap Drop Crotch Joggers with Pockets – Retails for $26

Hunter for Target Women’s Waterproof Rain Boots- Retails for $40

Hunter for Target Women’s Plus Size Athletic Shorts with Side Zips – Retails for $25

Hunter for Target Women’s Plus Size Mesh Sleeve Sweatshirt – Retails for $28

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