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I Tried Rent The Runway Unlimited And It’s Amazing (Plus A Rent The Runway Promo Code)

I tried Rent The Runway Unlimited for the last month and people, I am hooked! If you are looking for a Rent the Runway promo code, I’ve got you covered.

You absolutely need to get down with this program because this app and thought process has changed the way I look at shopping for clothes and dressing in general. 

I Tried Rent The Runway Unlimited And It’s Amazing (Plus Rent the Runway promo code)

Rent the Runway promo code

So, here’s the deal. I take a lot of pictures online. I literally have to get something live several times a week because it’s my job.

Because I am always so conscious about that constant flow of online photo sharing, I used to feel the need to always update my wardrobe – which was expensive. 

Rent the Runway Unlimited has eliminated that issue and I kicked it off with this Rent the Runway promo code. But I will get to that in a second. I pay one fee and can get as many dresses as I’d like without any questions asked.

I can keep these pieces for as long or as little as I’d like and then move onto to entirely new looks when I please. 

Everything is customizable and curated by ME which means that I love every single thing I receive in the mail from my Rent the Runway Unlimited shipment.

I cannot tell you enough how giddy I am whenever I see their little black bag show up on my stoop. Forget about brown boxes! I’m all about the black wardrobe bags now. 

rent the runway promotion code

If you aren’t a dress girl, then no worries! There are plenty of other styles for you to consider – including accessories.

Are you someone that always wants to show off the newest purses on the market? Well, now you can without having to spend your rent money buying them. 

closet organization

How Does Rent The Runway Unlimited Work?

Ok, I want to break down the entire process for you so that you understand how this all works. 

  • You sign up and if you use my link you will receive $30 off your first order. So, SCORE. As a heads up, I also get a kickback from the company as a thank you for introducing you to the brand. You win. I win. We all win. 
  • Then you choose how many Rent the Runway dresses… err pieces… you’d like to have out at once. Add in your credit card information and address. 
  • Select your size. This REALLY helps with search. I don’t want to see the most beautiful dress in the world if it only comes in a size 2 at the moment. I only want to see what is available when I go onto the website. 
  • Make your selections. 

Here’s the best part. All orders take around 1-2 days to arrive to your house. Can you stand it?! There is such a fast turnaround – it is bananas! I am obsessed. 

wearing a rented dress to family affair

Gown For Rent Ideas

Baby showers, Sunday brunches, walks in the park, me literally hanging out on the couch – don’t judge me. I don’t care what I am doing.

I now have a beautiful Rent the Runway dress to rock while I am doing it. Who knew I would be someone that would wear a gown for rent? LOL! But I am and I LOVE IT. 

I can average about 13 or so a month using Rent the Runway Unlimited. If I was better, I could probably double that – no joke!

But I don’t get dressed up every single day. That’s not my thang. But if that is something you do for work, this is SUCH A GREAT SERVICE OMG. 

mirror selfie

Rent A Dress – Designer Brands And Incredible Styles

And just to be a girly girl for a moment – I’m sort of having fun wearing name brands that I’d never afford otherwise. I mean, listen… just because you CAN buy an $800 dress doesn’t mean anyone in their right mind WOULD, right?

Rent the Runway Unlimited gives everyone the opportunity to wear pretty things and then give them right back because… no, thank you. I can rent and dress, get the same rush out of wearing it, and then save my moolah. 

yellow floral spring dress

Rent Dresses Online And Live Your Life

I can’t reemphasize this enough – in my line of work, I am beyond thrilled with this service. But guess what? My mother is doing it too and she works for the Steamfitters in NYC.

A dress is a dress and we all need to get out of the house every single day, right? What a great service!  And thanks to this Rent the Runway promo code I can get it for less!

wearing rent the runway on vacation

When I went down with my friends to Puerto Rico, my entire suitcase was filled with Rent the Runway Unlimited looks. Every night, I whipped out an amazing designer look and wined and dined next to my gal pals. So fun! 

Are you ready to give Rent the Runway a try? Rent the Runway Unlimited

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