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Build A Bear Coupons – How To Claim Your ONE Free Build A Bear Workshop $15 Voucher

Looking for Build a Bear coupons? Did you try to go to the Build a Bear Workshop ‘Pay Your Age’ event? I did and could not believe the number of people that I found waiting to claim their stuffed animals. Then again, it was a great deal! And Long Island was not the only place that was overrun.

Apparently, the entire nation heard about the promotion and came out in droves! So many families in fact, that the company had to shut down the promotion after just a few hours because they couldn’t handle the crowds. Don’t worry – there is still a chance for you to grab your Build A Bear coupons and stuffed animals at a great discount!How To Claim Your Free Build A Bear Workshop $15 Voucher - Build A Bear Coupons

To make up for the cancelation, Build A Bear workshop is offering a $15 coupon online TODAY. Everyone and anyone can claim these Build a Bear coupons as long as you have an account with the website. It’s so easy to do!

Build A Bear Coupons – How To Claim Your ONE Free Build A Bear Workshop $15 Voucher – ONE PER FAMILY

But there is a catch!  You must claim your Build A Bear $15 voucher BEFORE July 15th!! You don’t have to spend it by July 15th – but you have to DOWNLOAD it by July 15th. SO, I strongly encourage you to get online RIGHT NOW and do what I tell you to do in the video above. It’s super important that you act fast. I believe that you have until the end of August to use your Build A Bear coupon! So, that is great!

Please note – in the video, I say that you can download as many as you’d like. But that is not the case. It is one PER FAMILY. There is not an endless supply of Build a Bear coupons. 

We are planning on heading back to Build-A-Bear Workshop NYC today to use our Pay Your Age $15 Voucher. My son was literally CRYING yesterday. That is not an exaggeration.  We were hyping up the whole thing for DAYS and then we didn’t even get out of the car because so many people were already online for the Pay Your Age event.

I knew it would take HOURS… so we just kept on driving. My mall had about 500 people OUTSIDE lined up. I couldn’t imagine how many were INSIDE.  What did we do? We took him straight to the pool. LOL!

I’m so thankful they made these Build A Bear coupons available!! When we got home and found them, I told Caleb and he literally jumped for joy!! We can’t wait to pick up a Build A Bear forever friend TODAY! Are you a subscriber to my YouTube Channel? Would love to have you! I post daily Monday – Friday and most of that content does NOT make it on the blog.

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