Our Trip To The Build A Bear Workshop: Something For Me – Something For You

Build-A-Bear is the store I usually have to steer clear of whenever taking the kids to the mall. If I don’t, there is a guaranteed MELT DOWN because of how excited my two peanuts get whenever they see the possibilities that are within those walls.

Well, yesterday was their day because Bill and I took the kids to make… I mean build their very own stuffed animal. In case you never took your children to one of these stores, here’s what happens:


First you get to pick which stuffed animal you want to bring to life. My children opted for the monkey.


Then you get to pick out a sound which is a lot of fun. There are a ton to choose from. From ‘Happy Birthday’ to a lion’s roar – all bases are covered.



You take everything to the stuffing station. Your child picks a heart, gives it a kiss and the worker places it inside the animal. The kids push down on a pedal which runs the machine. They truly are involved in the entire process.


At this point, the animal is finished. The kids take their new pet over to the washing station and air comes out of the fake tub. If they want, there are brushes to scrub their dolls and get them ready for an outfit.


This is the last stage and the only time an adult really needs to do something. I created a birth certificate for the monkey and asked Liam what he wanted to name the doll. He said “this”. I said – you want to name the monkey “this”? And he re-confirmed. So “this” it was! LOL.


This morning I woke up to find the kids already on the couch watching television. Look who Liam decided to bring along – his new best friend!


The Build-A-Bear Workshop will like to give a $25 gift card to one of INO Mommy’s Facebook fans. To enter, all you have to do is finish this sentence. “The person in my life who needs a Build-A-Bear furry friend is ________________.”  It’s that simple!!! I will pick a winner tomorrow.

** Full disclosure: Company sent Bear Bucks for me to experience the workshop.

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  1. i went there last weekend and had $20 worth of free “bear bucks”. i came “THIS” close to getting me a frog but i got my daughter and neice a bathing suit for their bears! moms always choose their kids first!

    Posted 3.26.10
  2. Heather Bailey wrote:

    I hope I entered correctly I left a comment on the Facebook post . The person who needs a Build A Bear furry friend is my new baby who will be here in 7 weeks! Thanks Vera!!

    Posted 3.26.10
  3. windycindy wrote:

    My niece who is in the hospital. Many thanks, Cindi

    Posted 3.26.10
  4. capturinglife wrote:

    I love Build A Bear. I'm so glad I now have great nieces so I still have an excuse to go there. haha. I love “THIS” the monkey. too funny. 🙂

    Posted 3.26.10
  5. Robin8331 wrote:

    “The person in my life who needs a Build-A-Bear furry friend is ME!!!.” LOL – I've never been to this store before, but it sounds like so much fun!!!

    I am joking though…

    “The person in my life who needs a Build-A-Bear furry friend is my 2 nieces Makayla and Riley… they are super cute and I think this would be something fun for us to do together”.

    Thanks Vera for the opportunity!!!

    Posted 3.26.10
  6. Jenn wrote:

    “The person in my life who needs a Build-A-Bear furry friend is my niece.”

    Posted 3.27.10
  7. nosyme wrote:

    did you get paid to write this?? Do you need to mention that in the article??

    Posted 3.27.10
  8. veryvera wrote:

    I mention in the article that the company sent me a gift certificate to use in the store. Full disclosure

    Posted 3.27.10

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