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How I Remember To Tune In And Pay Attention To My Kids #MarieCallendersSK #skexperts


I’m a work-at-home mom who gets to spend a lot of time with my children… but that doesn’t mean I always use those minutes wisely. Sometimes I find myself rushing from one after-school activity to the next. With three kids, you can only imagine what my calendar looks like.

When I feel like the family is drifting away from one another and getting caught up in the daily grind, I immediately reset. I pause — and remind myself why I became a parent to begin with! It’s not about being the busiest. It’s about making memories and spending quality time with your kids.

If you feel that you are everywhere but where you need to be, I have 5 SUPER EASY tips to help you savor those special moments with your family this week. It’s possible, even in this day and age, I promise.

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