5 Things Luxury Hotels Can Learn From The Best Western

While in Arizona last week (I was doing a shoot at the Grand Canyon), the entire crew stayed at a Best Western. I’ve never stayed at one of these locations before and while it isn’t a luxurious resort, I will say that there were a few little perks that I wish some of my favorite hotel brands would take notice of and incorporate into their offerings.

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To be brief and to the point…

Easy Access To Wifi Password And Username

The last thing I want to do after a long flight is have to turn on my damn TV to find the login password and username for Internet. I mean… WHAT? Who thought that was a good idea? Searching in and out of different screens at 11PM at night when all I want to do is Facetime my husband for a minute. Inefficient.

When I checked into the Best Western, they handed me a small piece of paper that had the info I needed and gave it to me with my key. Done.

And  while we are on the subject… WIFI IS FREEEEEEEE

Yeah. FREE. You know … like free. Hey luxury hotel, do me a favor. Charge me $14.95 more a night and just make me feel like I am getting free Internet. It’s a mind game! I get enraged every time I have to pay more for Wifi. Give me a break! I’m dropping $400 a night for a room and you are going to get me on my digital addiction? Damn you and your heartless ways.

Map Of Local Interests… Received At Check In

What?! You mean I didn’t have to walk over to another person after I already waited in line to speak to my original person? You are just going to give me all the info at one place? BLISS. Concierge services are a PLUS when you want to get into the details. But if I just want to know what corner to turn to find the closest Starbucks… do me a favor and hand me a paper at check-in that has that information.

Like I said, I TOTALLY appreciate the concierge service that high end hotels offer and when I am with my family and we are planning long days of tours and eateries, it works for me! But when I am away on business and I just want to know what is in walking distance of my hotel, I don’t want to talk to anymore. Give me a freaking map and leave me on my way.

Staff Knew Our Names At Check In:

Ok. Ok. I know you can’t really compete with this. The Best Western in Arizona had only a small handful of rooms and the two lovely ladies who greeted us at 11PM didn’t have many more reservations coming in at that time. But BOY was that nice! We walked in and they started spewing off our names before we even got to the desk. It felt like Cheers… only with no booze.

Ton of Towels:

I hate going away and taking a shower and depleting all of my resources right there on the spot. It just lights my fire. At the Best Western, I had a plethora of towels. Like… towels for days. And I was SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. It matters. These little things matter!

So, there you have it. Best Western did not give me a free room. I do not know their PR people. I’m not trying to send some secret message to them in an attempt to work with them. This is it. Fact. A PLEA to all the brands that I patronage on a regular basis. These LITTLE tweaks will make a huge difference to your loyal customers.


</end rant>

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