Hot Jewels – Metallic Temporary Tattoos

You know I’m all about the arm candy. I love the look of having a little gold and silver on my arm. Well, I found a really fun way to add a little flair to my look — Hot Jewels. Metallic Temporary Tattoos really made an impression this summer. I can’t tell you how many times I saw these images pinned on Pinterest or on my friends at the local pool. I was OBSESSED.  I mean – I saw so many women wearing them down their backs or across their stomachs. It looked ah-mazing!


Hot Jewels – Metallic Temporary Tattoos

This holiday season, spruce up your look by adding in Hot Jewels to your style.  You can really make your outfit POP with a few simple add ons. It will literally take you about a minute from start to finish to add this metallic design. Holiday parties — get ready for some more glitter and glam!


There are SO man options to choose from — You can place Hot Jewels just about anywhere too! Looking for necklaces, bracelets, shoulder designs, belly accents, ankle bands? I mean, Hot Jewels has it all. Here’s just a sampling of what’s available.

Think about it – you can put on a metallic temporary tattoo of a necklace and not have to worry about buying one in the store. OR you can use it as an extra layer if you are looking for extra dimension.

How to use a temporary tattoo

How To Apply The tattoo:

I wanted to put something on the inside of my wrist. I’ve been considering getting a tattoo there for ages. Why not test out a temporary tattoo and see how it feels, right? LOL! I opted for a gold triangular design. All you have to do is cut out the Hot Jewels graphic of your choice and make sure it fits. Peel off the plastic protective sheet and lay it flat on your skin. Then apply a wet sponge or towel on top for 30 seconds. Lift the back and the temporary tattoo will be in place.

metallic tattoo

I love it! Like I said, you could have a lot of fun with Hot Jewels!

Hot Jewels

Here are a few more ideas for you to check out. If you are going on vacation this winter break, bring along a pack of Hot Jewels and make a statement at the pool. I love those feathers on the shoulder. SO FUN! In fact, anything on the upper arm or shoulder would look cute. That’s a great place for these Hot Jewels.

* I’ve teamed up with Hot Jewels to help promote their product. All opinions are my own.

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