Child Style: Caleb In Target’s Quilted Pullover Sweater

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.20.22 AM


My husband wasn’t entirely sold on this sweater when I bought it for Caleb a few weeks ago. He said it reminded him of the 70s. I never listen to his style advice and completely ignored him. I’m obsessed with it! It’s just so cute!! This Quilted Pullover Sweater retails for $15 (and today Target will give you 50% off a second sweater thanks to their current clothing sale).

Throwing on this top is just as easy and comfortable as throwing on a sweatshirt. Caleb sees no difference – but he actually looks put together. You know…  like mommy has her act together! 🙂

I know I usually break my outfit down on Wednesdays but I’ve been sick this week and couldn’t get it together. Caleb will have to do.

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