Daily Diary: Poor, Poor Santa

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See Santa Claus. He should be all jolly and happy and full of holiday bliss. But that man is fearing for his life. Why? Because Caleb is obsessed with him. OBSESSED. He can’t stop poking and prodding at this figure. And let me tell you — this Santa is BIG. I can’t put him ON something to shield him from the attach. Santa needs to stay on the floor. He’s TALLER than CALEB and wider too!! It would be dangerous to move him.

Every so often, I see Caleb creeping over to St. Nick and pulling at his beard or yanking at his glasses. Forget about all of the little details on his coat. DISASTER.

Whenever I try to get Caleb away from Santa… he gives me this look. And I melt. Because he’s my last and he has me wrapped around his little crunched up nose. Oh boy….

I’m going to try to save you, Santa. But I can’t guarantee anything. That boy is fast and on a mission!!

Can you just look at Santa’s face in this picture. It’s like he is SCARED. He KNOWS what’s happening. I crack up every single time I look at this shot. LOL!!!

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