Head To Brooklyn On 5/20 + 5/21 To See Lysol’s “Protect Like A Mother” Exhibit! #Lysol #ProtectLikeAMother

All moms share one thing in common – our babies are our world.

The protective instinct is a universal truth of motherhood – in the animal kingdom and in our own. Different species demonstrate amazing feats to protect their young…including human mothers. You feel it too, right? Watching a nature program with your children and seeing a lioness fearlessly protect her cubs from any prey — we are the same. All moms share one thing in common – our babies are our world.  To “Protect Like A Mother” is to protect with all your body, mind, and soul. 

We are headed to the Protect Like A Mother exhibit in Brooklyn.

I’m working with Lysol to celebrate a mother’s natural protective instinct, honoring that a mother’s first priority is always the safety of her children – whether she is a bear, a monkey, or a person!  An important way that human moms protect their families is by preventing the spread of harmful germs in the home. No one protects loved ones quite like mom and no one protects families like Lysol, a leader in germ kill for 100+ years, which offers products that kill 99.9% of germs to help moms protect their kids from passing germs and getting sick.

We loved having fun at the exhibit thanks to my partnership with Lysol. No one protects loved ones quite like mom.

Protect Like A Mother Location And Time:

In order to pay homage to all the mothers in the world, head on over to the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, for a special Lysol exhibit celebrating the greatest guardians of all: mothers. The exhibit will give a look at the most incredible and fierce moms on the planet! So much FUN, right! 

Date: 5/20 and 5/21

Time 9AM to 6PM

Head on over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park between 9AM and 6PM either today or tomorrow to take a look at this free exhibit. The image above shows you exactly where the exhibit is stationed – right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

We headed to check out the pop-up installation with larger-than-life animal structures with the kids and they had so much FUN.  I kept reminding them that this was all about how important it was for moms to protect their kids! They kept telling me, “WE KNOWWWWW MMMMOOOOMMMMMM!” Lol, I guess I’ve done my job then. 

How to get to the Protect Like A Mother exhibit in Brooklyn, NY.

Protect Like A Mother Commercial Brings Me To Tears

And I don’t know why, but this commercial had me straight up bawling. I do fiercely love my children and I suppose it all feels the way it’s visually represented in this spot. I love this Protect Like A Mother clip!!! (sniffle sniffle)

We love Brooklyn!

Are you planning to head to Brooklyn to see the Protect Like A Mother exhibit? Do not miss this pop-up event because it is for this weekend only!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces. For more information on the brand, visit Lysol.com or Lysol.com/ProtectLikeaMother.

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    I love lysol products. I’ve been using them ever since my son was born. Thanks for sharing.


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