It’s Healthy Habits Week! Here’s 7 Tips To Keep Your Family On The Right Track

7 Healthy Habits For The Family

Cold and Flu season… I see you. I know you are on your way and I am gearing up and arming up and washing up and… all types of ups! It’s on! Every change of season it seems that my house gets attacked by germs and viruses. Whether it be from the children bringing home colds from school or some other location, we can’t help getting sick during the colder months.

Well, actually, maybe we can.

This week is Lysol’s Healthy Habits Week – a week dedicated to healthy habits to help families focus on ways to stay happy and healthy. I wanted to share some tips to keep your family healthy and happy. I know my brood made a lot of changes this year. Hopefully, some of these will inspire you as well.

7 Healthy Habits For The Family

1. Get Into Good Habits: Yes. This is my bathroom. That is my mirror. I put that sticker there. I’m owning it folks! I’m owning it. My kids needed a little reminder to wash their hands while in the bathroom and I just can’t be everywhere at all times.  Start this habit YOUNG and if you need to place a sign on your mirror – don’t be afraid to. I’m so happy I made this little change because it’s made a world of a difference.

2. Stop Biting Fingers and Nails: Germs live everywhere… especially on our hands. We begin our intake of our surroundings with our senses and our hands get into just about everything FIRST. Here’s the problem though. If you touch something new and foreign and then you bite your nails, you are basically allowing germs straight into your body. I don’t get sick very often and I believe it’s because I steer clear of my eyes and mouth. My husband – on the other hand – constantly has his fingers in his mouth and is sick all the time. Teach your children to keep their hands away from their faces.

7 Healthy Habits For The Family

3. Disinfect: It doesn’t hurt to give a room a good ONCE OVER at the end of the day. I LOVE Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and buy them in BULK whenever I can. Luckily, Lysol constantly offers coupons (and I know this because I am a coupon fanatic). So, I am also able to stock up whenever there is a sale. If one of my three kids are sick, I make sure to clean shared toys and spaces to ensure the others steer clear of any unwanted viruses and germs once they are in bed.

4. Keep up with your Vitamins: My husband is literally the KING of vitamin distribution. I did not grow up in a vitamin taking family. I will confess this openly and honestly. BUT ever since being married to Bill, things have CHANGED. I mean… it’s like a ritual in the morning. It’s important to keep up with your Bs and Cs because it helps power up your immune system. Your greatest offense is a strong defense in this situation.

5. Stay Active: Kids are young. Kids have energy. Kids should be jumping and running and spinning and shaking and dancing and… you get the drift. Make sure your kids are using up all of their energy each and every day. And you know what? You should try your hardest to do the same. Studies have shown that active kids report less sick days in school.

6. Eat Smart: If you can’t get your vitamins in, at least get your greens in! Makes sense, right? Why not get your family into a habit of enjoy a fresh smoothie after school for their snack? Mix in vegetables and fruit. They won’t be able to tell the difference.

7. Get To Bed On Time: We all need a proper rest at night. This rule I break on a regular basis. JUST ONE MORE TV SHOW! Well, no more! A good morning starts with a good night’s rest.  If you know you don’t need eight hours to function, then that’s fine. Take what you need – but be sure to take it. That goes for your children too. Is it 7:30pm? Is it 8:00pm? Whatever makes the most sense for your family – stick to it.

Lysol has partnered with the National PTA and NEA to develop the Healthy Habits Program, which helps educate kids and families on the importance of practicing healthy habits inside and outside of the classroom.

You know the next few months are going to be brutal. Cold / Flu season is hard to get through unless you take precautions and be proactive. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips and consider using some. For more information about additional Lysol products, see below:

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