Loving Lysol’s New Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner


I was at Target the other day and saw that Lysol’s new Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner was on sale for $1.99. I grabbed a few bottles because I was very curious to try it out and knew the price would climb once the initial push was over.


Our two little chihuahuas use wee wee pads to go to the bathroom during the day and we are constantly cleaning that area over and over again. Sometimes, I can’t stand the smell of the cleaners we are using. The ones that come with floral or Hawaiian undertones make me gag. I don’t mind bleach but my husband doesn’t like to use it in that area because that’s where our dogs walk around a lot and it will get on their paws.

So, the cleaners that we’ve been using in the past… stunk… literally. When I saw the commercial for this new Lysol product, I was ready to give it a shot.

And we did. And I love it!! There is no obnoxious smell and the cleanup is fantastic. BRAVO Lysol!! You have a new customer.

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