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Head Back To School With Better Studying Habits and The Post-it® Brand #MakeItStick


Do you have a Gen Z child heading back to school this year? Generation Z is defined by those born between 1995 and 2012 and today, they make up a quarter of the U.S. population! Odds are if you are reading my blog… the answer is YES.

While Generation Z is known as the “digital generation”, they still lean really hard on note taking when it comes to education. Of course, they do! It’s the only way I got through any of my high school classes.

To better understand Gen Z and set them up for success in the new school year, Post-it® Brand commissioned research that unveiled valuable insight around GenZ behavior related to education, learning, communication and their use of digital and analog tools.


Some facts I found particularly interesting from the Post-it® Brand study:

  • 85% of Gen Z learn best when they use both digital and non-digital tools for school work. For example, they may read an assignment from their digital textbook but write down notes to prepare for a quiz.
  • 83% feel they have more freedom with their note-taking style when they handwrite notes compared to using a digital device.
  • 81% reported that they would feel restricted if they could only work on digital devices.
  • 85% believe they are more likely to get something done when they write it down on paper. Here’s what they bring to every class:
    • Pencil or pen (92%)
    • Notebook (88%)
    • Loose-leaf paper (64%)
    • Planner (46%)
    • Sticky notes (38%)
  • Here’s how Gen Z studies best: 68% write down key points on paper or sticky notes, followed by flagging important information in a book (56%), and making flashcards (41%).
  • 93% of Gen Z use handwritten notes to keep up with schoolwork in a typical school week. It just works.
  •  61% uses both digital devices and handwritten notes

Love all this information! And truth be told, a lot of it feels very familiar!! This is exactly how I handled studying when I was a kid. Well, I’m still a kid… just at heart.

Study Tips For Your Gen Z Student:

As you probably know from experience, when you write things down, you are more likely to make it happen. Because of this, Post-it® Brand is encouraging people nationwide, especially students, to write down goals, aspirations and more, as a way to make them stick and accomplish tasks in the new school year. Personally, staying on task is one of our largest hurdles when it comes to our children. They get easily distracted and literally need something to bring back to center. How do I keep them on the right path while on the journey? Good studying habits.

We take for granted that everyone knows what to do when it comes with school, but that’s just not the case. Children need to learn how to study – the same way they need to learn how to ride a bike or to tie their shoes.  If you are looking for some great takeaways to bring home to the kids – start with the below tips filled with studying ideas and methodologies that will help keep your kids on task.


  • IMG_8124 Keep Your Study Space Clean And Simple: An unorganized desk can cause your mind to wander – and especially a child’s. Suddenly, instead of studying, you will find your students distracted and playing with something they shouldn’t be. That helps no one when you only have a few hours to do homework. Stay on top of your space all week long and never let anything pile up and get out of control. That being said, it is important to keep the study space fully stocked with essentials for your kids to learn and study. Pens, pencils, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and notebooks will all be useful tools for your child to study and complete their work. If all the supplies are in one place, your kids won’t have an excuse to leave their study space and get distracted!IMG_8125
  • Color System: I can’t tell you how your color system should work, but I definitely had one working while I was in school (and so do my kids!). Whether using blue Post-it® Flags and Tabs to mark definitions in a textbook or pink Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to mark things that will be on the test, this system has worked for both me and my kids.IMG_8127
  • Make Priority Lists: Lists are my LIFE. I cannot say this any other way. I make lists on a daily basis. I make lists for my husband. I make lists for my kids. I am the list maker of the Universe. The 4×6 lined Post-it® Super Sticky notes are especially useful for making long lists! I love how colorful these Post-it® Super Sticky Notes from the World of Color Miami and Rio de Janeiro collections are –  it makes it that much more fun to jot down my to-dos! If I don’t write it down, it LITERALLY doesn’t happen!! Get into the habit of tracking your due dates and project requests. Encourage your kids to start their own lists too – when homework is due or what chores need to be done – nothing feels as good as when everything is crossed off and completed!
  • Use a Planner: I know that most schools offer children a planner when they enter middle school and beyond, but I like to get my children a larger, more comprehensive one so that they have all the space they need to write down their homework and assignments. My children need S-P-A-C-E. Consider picking up a school planner that works for your child’s writing style and watch them flourish! post_it
  •  Make it Stick with Post-it® Brand: Writing things down as a way to reach achievements, accomplish goals and complete tasks, especially during the back-to-school timeframe, is critical. My family writes down our goals, dreams, tasks and more and there isn’t a place we won’t place these reminders! Whether they are inside lunch boxes, on the milk carton, underneath a pillow or right on the mailbox to surprise our little ones when they get off the school bus after a full day away from home, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are the perfect way to let everyone know what is on your mind.  And besides, how else will I get my husband to take the garbage out!? LOL! Share your goals, dreams, tasks and more by tagging @Postit Brand on Twitter and using the hashtag, #MakeitStick!

Visit for additional information on Post-it® Products, Gen Z and study tips. Share how your family is accomplishing their goals this back to school season using the hashtag #MakeitStick and tagging @Postit.

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Sunday 7th of August 2016

Not just for kids, this is a great way for me to try to get more organized. Nice ideas in here.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

Such great tips and ideas you shared here in regard to post-it notes. I'll share those ideas with my soon to be 8th grader.

Marcie W.

Saturday 6th of August 2016

I can absolutely see how students benefit from a balance between digital and non digital tools. I always used Post Its in school and feel they make fantastic study accessories.

Travel Blogger

Saturday 6th of August 2016

My son had post it notes on his back to school supply list this year.

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