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Having A Party? Save Money On Balloons With The EZ Balloon Kit

An EZ Balloon Kit is a complete set of instructions and materials that allows you to quickly and easily create professional-quality, latex balloons. The kit contains everything you need to get started, including an air pump, balloon inflation needles, and balloon tying tools. With this easy-to-use kit, you can create beautiful latex balloons in a variety of colors and sizes.

Having A Party? Save Money On Balloons With The EZ Balloon Kit

ez balloons

Why Use An EZ Balloon Kit?

EZ Balloon Kits are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any event or party. Whether you’re decorating for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or any other special occasion, these kits will help you create unique and memorable decorations. Balloons are always a popular choice for party decorations, and with an EZ Balloon Kit, they’re easy to make and look great!

There are many benefits to using an E-Z Balloon Kit:

  • They’re Easy To Use: Instructions are included with the kit, so you can quickly learn how to inflate and tie balloons.
  • They’re Affordable: EZ Balloon Kits are a cost-effective way to decorate for any event.
  • They’re Versatile: You can create a wide variety of balloon designs, from simple to elaborate.
  • They’re Reusable: The balloons and air pump can be reused multiple times, so you can save money in the long run.
ez balloon kit easy to use

Last year I spent an arm and a leg on balloons for my kids’ joint birthday party. When the final bill was tallied I almost fell on the floor! THIS YEAR I am trying to be smarter about where my party planning money goes.

Check out the Yankee Doodle Dandy® E-Z Balloon Kit. It’s a do-it-yourself portable, recyclable helium cylinder with self-sealing, pre-strung assorted color latex balloons that has won awards from both Creative Child Magazine and Family Reviews!

Talk about being easy!!

4 E-Z Steps for Balloon Inflation:

  1. Turn the top (green) handle of the helium cylinder counter-clockwise to open
  2. Securely place valved balloon onto black rubber nozzle of a helium tank
  3. Gently tilt the nozzle downward to inflate the balloon (to appx. 10” in size)
  4. Uncoil ribbon.

I think I can do that! 🙂 LOL – Click here to find out where you can purchase the E-Z Balloon Kit.

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