Halloween Fun For The Kids: Meet The Wicked Queen And Batman)


I missed the party (which is the story of my life as of late) – but that’s ok. The kids really enjoyed themselves over the weekend and I was so thankful that they had something to do besides stay home with me.

We bought that Royal Queen costume at TJMaxx a few weeks ago. I thought it was so beautiful and the $20 price tag made it more appealing. SCORE.

Natalie decided – while at the party – that she was an EVIL queen. I wish I knew that she wanted to go that route because I would have put some scary makeup on her. Whatever – it all worked out.


Liam loved his cape!!! 🙂


Best line of the evening??

Natalie came home from the party and told me about a boy that she fell in love with named Shamus. I asked her why she liked this kid so much and she said because “he’s so extreme”. WHAT? LOL!!

Apparently, he was dressed up as a ninja and they play fought the entire time. Hilarious!

Hopefully Hurricane Sandy will pass before Halloween so these little ones can go trick or treating.

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