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First Day Of School – I Have A Middle Schooler! (Plus Weekly VLOG)


Well, it’s official. Natalie is in middle school which means that I am an old hag and she is going to be driving soon. That’s it. End of the road for us all. Might as well start digging a hole for me while the going is still good. Plant the daisies. Choose the wood. Face me towards the sun. My time has passed.



What???????? How did this happen? I have three kids in three different schools this year. Three different start times. Two different bus schedules. Thank goodness Caleb gets driven. If I had to worry about three at once, I don’t think I would make it beyond this week. 


The kids were both so VERY excited to finish up breakfast this morning. It meant that they would see their friends again after a long and wonderful summer! Admittedly, I was really excited for them as well. I started to have a slight anxiety attack while we were walking to the bus. Couldn’t breathe. I’m not kidding. I was winded for about an hour or so. Every time I spoke, it felt like I was running a mile. It took me a minute to register that I was just super anxious about Natalie’s first day in a new school. This is the first year where she will have to switch classes and teachers and hallways and… well, you know. The whole sha-bang. 

But they weren’t nervous. Not one bit. They were excited and happy and thrilled and levitating!!! This was IT. Glorious SCHOOL!

Just wait until next Monday when it all sinks in, right?? LOL DSC01090

Liam is going into 4th grade and I am not worried about him one bit. He is such a good student. I am always proud of him. I know he will have a great year. I just know it! DSC01096 DSC01098 DSC01099

I cannot wait for my babies to come home today!! Sitting here and checking the clock like a mad woman. I know I should be shopping or sleeping or cleaning or baking or building or solving or running… but I’m waiting. I’m just waiting to see those smiles once again. 
Also – here’s our week in review. It’s a big LIGHT this time around because we went on vacation and I truly took the time off with my family.

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