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Field Report: Monika Chiang Fall 2013 NYFW# MBFW#

Every season, at Fashion Week, I look for the first show that grabs my fashion senses and makes me hold my breath, waiting with anticipation for the next look…and the next….and the next. Monika Chiang’s Fall 2013 Collection did just that. I walked into The Box in Lincoln Center and was immediately struck by the first look. As I circled the floor, carefully inspecting the others, I was enthralled with her attention to detail, her bold use of jewelry and the sexiness that she was able to translate into Fall clothing. Monika, you made a blogger’s heart sing today. Read on to find out why and see which female rapper graced the presentation with her presence.

In her show notes, Monika noted that she was inspired by vintage military and aviation uniforms. If you’re thinking rigid and unyielding, you’re in the right direction. Now imagine that with breaks of lace and softly draped trousers that contrast perfectly with that take-no-prisoners attitude. No-one in the real world has the abs to wear the below coat open so focus instead on the voluminousness sleeves that gather at the wrist. Focus on how sharp the collar of her jacket is and how it slims her jawline. How awesome is this outfit!!

IMG_2367_591x887Now, I’ve long been a fan of the body jewelry trend. Ever since I saw it on Rihanna, I’ve been scoring the local jewelry stores like a drug addict looking for them. Chiang took it up a few notches with this heavy metal look. Worn with simple trousers and a sleeveless blouse, this necklace is saying “Do not mess with me!”


I’m a little bit obsessed with the hair. Teased to perfection and pulled back for a faux-hawk look, this do is the epitome of city cool. Patrick Melville of Aveeno was the master behind the hair.

IMG_2371_591x887 IMG_2372_591x887 IMG_2378_591x887

Hello, color-blocked nails! Red is instantly sexy. Add a thin line of black and you get the perfect “I may have killed someone but I look so good no-one will care” look for your nails.


How obsessed am I with the shoes on the model in the middle? Enough that I’ve been lusting after them for months, yes months, now. I cannot wait until these hit stores.



Blame the world’s obsession with thigh-high boots on Kim Kardashian. She wears them to get her nails done and we all want to do the same. This look has that effortlessly chic look. The red coat with leather trim is perfect for dressed-up occasions. Pair with these boots and you can just about wear anything underneath, you’ll still be warm.


For those of you that value comfort over fashion (sniff…) here is a perfectly cozy knit sweater. I’m taking cues from Monika on how to keep it sexy. Pair with a short bottom and slip one side off the shoulder. Got it!


Here are some military inspired looks made super glam.


Feast your eyes on these bags. Try not to lust. On second thought, why am I giving advice I can’t follow?

IMG_2358_591x887 IMG_2359_600x400

Singer, Eve, posing with a fan at the presentation.


Monika Chiang’s Fall 2013 Collection was nothing short of breath-taking. What I loved is how wearable everything is. The looks are edgy and sexy and dead-serious. You can easily purchase any one of these and wear with comfort, garnering jealous glances and intimidating the hell out of anyone.


Tabitha St. Bernard



Saturday 9th of February 2013

what a great collection, i liked every piece thanks!

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