Even Knowing Someone From #ONEMoms Is Life Changing

Yesterday afternoon, I accidentally got locked out of my room for about an hour. It’s no big deal. I just sat in the lobby and called my mother and husband. While waiting for the key, I ran into my friend Lindsay Maines and she kept me company for a while (and bought me a Starbucks tea – I heart her).

I noticed a ring she was wearing because it was so beautiful and commented on it. She said that she got it while traveling to Africa with ‘One Moms‘. If you haven’t heard, several mom bloggers headed over to Africa to see how they could help communities in countries like Kenya and Nairobi.

After Lindsay told me about the ring, I said, “Did you cry every single day while you were there?” because honestly I can’t see how you go on a trip like that and not cry. Just the THOUGHT that Lindsay was able to experience something like this got me a bit watery because I could only IMAGINE how impactful it was to see FIRST HAND what it’s REALLY like to be poor.

I mean, it got the two of us talking. All the nonsense that bogs us down – my car isn’t new enough, my house isn’t big enough, my trip wasn’t long enough, my clothes aren’t trendy enough. Really? Does it freaking matter?

Are your children safe?

Are your children fed?

Will your children be educated?

Let’s all start there and then let everything else fall to the side. Seriously – it just put a few things in perspective for me. It’s a true WAKE UP CALL. Half of the stuff that’s circulating in my mind right now is completely nonsense. Just listening to Lindsay’s stories about her trip aged me a bit – but in a good way. Maturity wise.

Two of the women that were part of the blogger group that headed to Africa with One Mom couldn’t even really process BlogHer as they JUST returned. It’s very hard to go from being in a place where you absolutely want to make a difference to fighting in line for a free sample of X against 4,000 bloggers. I couldn’t begin to understand what was going on in their heads.

End result – if you want to learn more about One Moms, click here and if you want to get a detailed encounter of what it was like to actually be there – go to Lindsay’s blog. She has great pics and a ton of emotion in her posts.

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  1. Wheatly wrote:

    Thanks for sharing these links, Vera. I will definitely look into them thoroughly. It’s frustrating to me that in America, we live in a world that is so skewed. I know many people who are only looking for MORE and cannot be thankful for what they have.

    Posted 8.6.11

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