Do You Protect Your Online Privacy As Much You Do When You’re Offline? #‎PrivacyIsNoGame (Plus 90 day free code trial)

You protect your house with an alarm. You protect your car with an alarm. You take care to be conscious of your surroundings and that your family is safe.

This is part of every mom’s life…most people’s lives, right? It’s easy, it’s second nature. You almost don’t even think about it, you just do it. But how about your online life?

online privacy protection

Do You Protect Your Online Privacy As Much You Do When You’re Offline?

Do you protect yourself, your family, and all of your important information online like you do off? Do you love tapping into free public wi-fi whenever you can? While it seems harmless, it’s increasingly possible that this little act could lead to a whole load of problems for you and your family. 

Here’s a great article on Why Using a Public Wi-Fi Network Can Be Dangerous, Even When Accessing Encrypted Websites. Here’s another on the danger of public wi-fi. Crazy stuff, right? Downright frightening, really.

Using the internet in general just seems to be scarier and scarier as there are announcements of more and more data breaches. Hackers are out to get your info, the “internet of things” is growing, and most people just don’t seem to do nearly enough to combat it…including myself.

So much is done online and with the internet now, it’s just something you have to begin to take as seriously as you do locking your doors and not walking down dark alleys at midnight (you don’t do that, right ;o)). I mean, even my little baby Caleb is all over the internet!


It can be very overwhelming. You almost don’t know where to start. I didn’t either. My head was spinning. Bill? What do you think?? He wasn’t sure either.

There are a number of things you can do. Right now, I want to introduce you to F-Secure Freedome!! Freedome VPN is a super simple privacy and security app. 

It shields your privacy and allows you to stay anonymous. Here’s a great video for you to take a look at!

What do you think? Doesn’t it make a lot of sense? You may be nodding your head right now, but if you are like me, your second question would be…well, how complicated is this to use?
Do I need to be a computer science major to understand it? Thankfully, it’s not complicated. Here’s a great video to show you just how easy it is to use and protect yourself.

Now that you’ve seen that, what do you think about it? Pretty great, right? It totally makes sense and almost seems like something you have to have. It takes care of all the online grunt work that you don’t really want to think about. PLUS, it’s so easy to use!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.32.15 PM

If you’re like me (hey I’m a NYC girl), maybe you want to give it a shot but aren’t quite sure you want to commit to anything or if it’s really worth the cost. Can it really be that great?

Luckily for you…I have a little something to get you started protecting yourself online…click right here for Free 90-Day Trial of Freedome. When you’re there, enter code: CTTPC3.

Boom! Check it out for free with no risk. You just can’t beat that. Who says nothing’s free? Don’t believe them! ;o)

In case you are interested but you’re wondering if your gadgets will be able to use it, Freedome supports: ANDROID 4.03 OR LATER, IOS7 OR LATER, WINDOWS 7 OR LATER (WINDOWS MOBILE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)!

Do yourself and your family a favor. Make yourself Private. Untracked. Anonymous. 

To find about more about Freedome, please check out:

This post is sponsored by F-Secure as part of a AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.

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