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Motorola Baby Monitors: Fantastic At ABC Expo #MotorolaBabyMonitor

Motorola Baby Monitor 1

Getting ready to have a baby, especially your first, is a crazy, crazy time. There’s just so much to do, to plan, and to get yourself ready for. So many things to get ready and so many things to buy in the process. You can never seem to be fully prepared. There’s always one more thing to do or to get. It makes your head spin.

Let’s think of all that we have to buy when preparing for baby. There are diapers, wipes, and bedding. Tons of clothing, baby food, and books to read. There’s one item that is simply a must have…a good baby monitor. Sure, it’s for the safety of your baby, but it’s also VERY much for your peace of mind. You know what’s better than “just” a baby monitor? A video baby monitor…so you see your little one in all their newborn beauty!!!

Motorola Baby Monitor 2

Insanely enough, it’s been 10 years since my little Natalie was born and a TON has changed when it comes to products for your baby with the insane evolution of technology and innovation.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity throughout the past year to partner with Motorola Baby Monitor with my bestie Audrey McClelland. We have had a blast working with them and seeing all of these new Motorola Baby Monitors hit the market. The impossible now seems possible. Like so much more in our lives, the future is now today. From video monitors to Wi-Fi connectivity to even being able to soothe your little one remotely through the monitor…it’s all there for you to take advantage of and truly enjoy. It’s all so amazing and such a comfort. It’s really hard to process.

Motorola Baby Monitor 3

I had the chance to head to the ABC Kids Expo with Motorola Baby Monitors recently and all of the amazing devices Motorola offers were truly great to see and experience. Every parent cancan find the perfect monitor for you and your family, there are so many options.

To see a bit more about what I’m talking about, please check out our on-the-site video from the ABC Kids Expo, showing off the amazing options Motorola has for everyone!

At ABC Kids Expo, Motorola highlighted the recently revamped MBP36, their most successful monitor of all time. The upgraded model, now called the Motorola MBP853CONNECT, received an aesthetic facelift and includes Wi-Fi capabilities in addition to all of the existing features of the beloved product. The MBP853CONNECT will join the existing MBP854CONNECT in Motorola’s broad line of Wi-Fi® Capable Baby Monitors. Show-goers got a chance to see the new MBP877CONNECT, which will hit the baby monitor market in the coming months.

On top of everything else…how cool do these look? I mean, seriously. Super sleek and very hi-tech! Love.

Motorola Baby Monitor 4

Suggested Retail of the Motorola MBP854HD Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wi‐Fi Internet Viewing is $299.99 while the MBP867CONNECT unit lists for $199.99.

So…feeling like you need to update that registry? I agree! Get to it!! Enjoy!!

To find out more about these Motorola baby monitors, please visit:

Motorola Baby Monitor 5

*I have partnered with Motorola Baby Monitors throughout the last year as a compensated ambassador.

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