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Create The Perfect Kids’ Christmas Table @Wayfair


Do you host Christmas for the family? I have been gathering my family members for Christmas Eve for over a decade and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing more special to me! But with each passing year, our group gets bigger and bigger and my dining room table is only so big! So, we created a kids table. It’s nothing new. I sat at the kids table my whole life when I was a child. Tell me I wasn’t the only one! 🙂 I’m sure you sat right along side your cousins in the 70s and 80s as well, right?! That was the cooler table, anyway. HA!


You have to think about the detail when catering to kids. I found some really great pieces on Wayfair that truly spruced up my holiday party – keeping with my personal decor while still catering to the young and the young at heart.

First up, we have these Santa’s Little Helper glasses.  Here’s a little secret: they are actually stemless wine glasses but I thought they would work great on the kids table too! I got enough for the entire group – children and parents alike!

You can assign seats using ornament placement card holders. How fun! If you have children, make sure that they fill out the cards for you. It will give them something to do and give them a sense of empowerment because they took part in getting ready for the big day. You can use these over and over again which is so great! All you have to do is purchase new cards (or hold onto the same ones from this year considering you’re probably inviting the same folks over anyway).


What centerpiece wouldn’t be complete without a little candy cane centerpiece? I wouldn’t light the candle for the kids, but I still think it’s so fun to look at – especially with the colorful holiday flowers sprinkled around the base.


And what would a place for children be without Santa! This adorable salt and pepper shaker fits in perfectly with the motif. The kids can admire all the little presents he is toting around in his gift basket while they are waiting for their second course.

I added a Sugar and Creamer set to the table but would fill it with grated cheese and one with cherry tomatoes because my children are obsessed with snacking on those!

IMG_8876For the table setting, I chose a holiday tree salad plate. The kids can decorate their trees with antipasto, vegetables and bread.  The main dish has a beautiful holiday wreath around the edge. I thought the green and red went nicely with one another.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the FAB table cloth? Kids are messy! I needed a tablecloth that could shield most of what they do while still looking oh so festive for Christmas. This holiday tartan tablecloth fit the bill!




To serve the little ones some Christmas punch, I thought this Friendly Village Pitcher had such a magical winter wonderland feel. The kids could check out the painted scenery and come up with stories about snowball fights and horse drawn carriage rides.


For side dishes, pastas, and salads, I opted for several of these Christmas Tree Gold Bowls.  HINT — you could use these as appetizer dishes as well. Amazing gift ideas too!

And I kept the napkins simple with these pine cone embroidered options. Once the kids are done, you just toss them in the wash.


And how adorable are these two reindeer candle holders? I didn’t even want to put tall candles in them because I thought they were so cute AS IS. They were placed on the opposite side of the table as the Santa salt and pepper shakers.


Here’s a look at the entire table!! LOVE! There’s one more piece I have to point out – top right corner. The Candy Cane Condiment Container. You can fill it with a spread or butter – up to you!



My Kids Christmas Table is set and ready to roll! Everything you see here is from Wayfair – I just love how it all pulls together.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.50.10 AM

As a special treat, when it’s time for dessert, why not consider pulling out these Chalkboard Dinner Plates? They come in a set of four and offer up different versions for your guests to enjoy.

For more information about Wayfair, click here.

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