Day 5 Of Our Virginia Trip – Water Country USA

Water Country USA was FUN – but was waaaayyyyy too stressful for me to handle. The kids were zipping and zapping all over the place. I could barely keep up. If you blinked they were racing to another slide and lost amongst the sea of kids. I do NOT like that feeling – so we really didn’t stay long. I think we packed up about 3PM.

But while we were there – the kids really enjoyed themselves. Bill and I even went on a few slides which was so much fun! Liam was screaming!! It was hilarious.

Natalie’s favorite word was “AWESOME”. That ride was AWESOME. That slide was AWESOME. That lemonade was AWESOME. Wonder if she enjoyed herself? LOL!!

Within minutes Natalie made a best friend – which is typical for her WHEREVER we go. She played with her new friend for at least an hour.

Meanwhile Liam got busy on the mini slides. I couldn’t take pictures of us on the real rides because my camera wasn’t waterproof.

Then we left… and the meltdowns began. I KNEW this was going to happen but it only lasted until we reached our car. Then they passed out.

We went home and showered and then searched for a place to eat which isn’t hard around here. The entire town is BRAND NEW. I mean every restaurant, coffee house, drug store, gas station – you name it – it’s brand new. It’s all so beautiful.

We opted for Bonefish Grill and I just HAVE to give them props because for ONCE IN MY LIFE I was able to order grilled chicken and vegetables for the kids off the kids menu. I am so SICK of fried chicken fingers! When I saw they had the healthier alternative available I almost kissed the waiter. The kids weren’t as happy as I was – but whatever – they ate it.

More restaurants should start to do this. Parents will order it if it’s available! Hopefully this health kick the nation is on will start to trickle down to the kiddie menu in more establishments.

Today we have one thing planned that I am super excited about. Tonight Bill wants to explore the neighboring areas a bit which means lots of driving for me and the kids. I’m charging up my phone as we speak. This is one thing that Bill and I are complete opposites over – I HATE driving around and he LOVES it. So we compromise and I give him a day or two to get it out of his system and he lets me be on my emails the entire time. I am dreading it – but it’s something he absolutely LOVES.

Even at home he makes us drive around Long Island looking for Main Streets and new restaurants etc. I would be perfectly content not venturing out of my neck of the woods. LOL! It’s not the worst thing to disagree on, right? That’s what marriage is all about I suppose.

Do you have something that you and your husband / wife can’t agree on? What’s the compromise?

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    Total cuteness!! I know everyone says, blah blah blah…just wait until they start fighting…but it might not happen. Looking at pics of Natalie and Liam is SO different than looking at pics of my husband and his sister. They fought tooth and nail (bloody fights) almost from the beginning. His sister was the mean, bossy type. And she still is, LOL!

    I think your kids will have a great relationship.

    Posted 8.27.10
  2. Leslie wrote:

    Compromising with the husband, SIGH! We have had communication troubles since day one. We even went to counseling for it before we got engaged. His family is the angry, cold type. I knew he was a good person, but his non-expression of love has been hard to take. We have gone to therapy since – I count myself lucky that he’ll go because I know a lot of spouses that refuse. So yeah, I want a closer, more affectionate relationship…and we’re still working on it. Some times it works like a charm – other times, I get despondent thinking it won’t improve.

    One of the big things is that I HATE to go to be angry. Also, I HATE to always be the one that tries to work things out. It gets extremely old and makes me feel unloved. So, yeah…it’s still a work in progress.

    Posted 8.27.10
  3. Leslie wrote:

    **** THat was supposed to read “hate to go to BED angry”. I physically/emotionally cannot do it. I feel like letting the anger fester causes it to turn into resentment. I like to clear the air (BOTH of us)…I don’t want to be the one that makes all the effort all the time, and sometimes it honestly feels that way.

    Beautiful pics again Vera. I’ve enjoyed them so much. I rush to see your personal blog before any of the gossip. Someday you will be so glad that you have all these great pics to look at. Good memories.

    Posted 8.27.10
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Oh forgive moi…i keep adding more. I say KUDOS for the grilled chicken on the kids’ menu also! That is a nice change and more people should do that. About halfway through vacation, one gets that bloated-oh-my-gosh-I’ve-been-eating-too-much feeling! Its’ nice to switch to healthy food at that point.

    Posted 8.27.10
  5. Leslie wrote:

    Guess what!? It’s me again! I keep thinking of stuff. Okay, one thing that Todd and I have problems with is taking vacation. The man is a work machine. I am the type to use ALLLLL my vacation days when I am working. It’s been THREE YEARS since we had a vacation. We drove to Steamboat Springs, CO. and had a lovely time sightseeing there and back. My only complaint is that we need to do yearly vacations and even some long weekends. We are both so burned out, but the man has NEVER ever said “hey, let’s go on vacation”. It makes me ill.

    Posted 8.27.10
  6. ~e~ wrote:

    I can’t wait til my youngest is old enough for us to enjoy Water Country. We’ve lived in Williamsburg for over a year and still haven’t been. I LOVE Bonefish Grill – their food is great. Next time you’re in the area, you should stay at Great Wolf Lodge one of the nights. It’s so much fun and the kids would love it. It’s so handy to have your hotel room just a few moments away from the water park 😀

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in VA!

    Posted 8.28.10
  7. Day 5 Of Our Virginia Trip – Water Country USA | Lady and the BlogArticle writing is also a excitement, if you be familiar with afterward you can write or else it is complicated to write.

    Posted 1.17.14

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