Daily VLOG: #WhatSheSaid – My TLC Show – Finally Aired! AHHH

I can’t believe it actually happened. I can’t BELIEVE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I brought back the VLOG because I had so much to share. Completely excited – completely nervous. Completely out of control. We had two kids sleep over last night too.

image1 (1)

Of course, we didn’t let the kids watch #WhatSheSaid because of the content – but Bill and I had a laugh. And Audrey and I hosted a Twitter party during the entire thing. SO FUN talking to everyone as it was happening! I still can’t get over the rush.

I. Have. A. TV. Show.

Here’s my VLOG from the day. Back from the ashes! Now if I could only get my husband on board for more than one afternoon!

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