Daily Diary: The Price Of Lasagna….



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My son Liam has an obsession with lasagna. He can’t get enough of it. Whenever we go out to eat, he orders it and he’s been begging me to make it for him. So, yesterday I decided to give into his wish. Easy enough, right? We were having company and I figured it was a good meal to feed a party of 9.

While I was cooking and mixing and layering… Caleb was very quiet. VERY QUIET. And I didn’t think anything of it. He was in the next room. I could see the top of his head. No harm done, right?


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WRONG. Look at what happened! He drew all over his face like a mad man – and it was with permanent marker BY THE WAY. This was 20 minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive!! No one was home. I had to throw him in the tub to try to get the marker off while everything was in the oven. When the family came over, my kitchen was a disaster, Caleb still had marker on his face and I was ranting like a mad woman.

We usually don’t have regular markers – we have the washable ones! I don’t even know where he FOUND this one!!! Needless to say, I THREW IT AWAY.

Caleb had the time of his life. He knew he was being naughty. Look at that laugh. Even in the bath he was smiling and splashing and giggling away. In 20 years, we will crack up at this picture. Heck… today, I’m cracking up at this picture…

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