7 Tips For Buying Dad The Perfect Gift #marshallstjmaxx

Dad. The man who needs nothing. The man who is perfectly content with wearing the same sweater for 10 consecutive years. Holy socks? Not an issue. His feet need to breathe anyway?

What? It can’t just be me. My husband cannot be the only guy on the planet who is difficult to shop for. Every year, it’s the same song and dance.

“I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about me. Just get something for the kids.”

But I want to worry about you! I love you! The holiday season is about love and family and sharing and showing appreciation. If I want to wrap up a little something and put it under the tree… then so be it!

I know when it comes to my husband, I need a lot of options. I need variety. I need scale. So, I go to the stores that can handle my requests – TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Not for nothing… but you can do ALL your Christmas shopping at these two stores. I mean, from your newborn baby to your 100 year old grandmother. Boom. All taken care of under one roof. You have to love that as a busy woman on-the-go. I have no time to jump in and out of a thousand stores during the holiday season. If I need to get it all done and get it all done right the first time around — I know exactly where to head!!

Natalie and Liam wanted to get a jump start on Christmas shopping. We just celebrated our birthdays (Bill and I have the same Birthday) and wedding anniversary in November. So, the kids were REALLY into the giving spirit. They wanted to continue with the list making, planning and execution. Over the weekend, I decided to take them for a quick ride to both TJ Maxx and Marshalls and we picked up some great finds for my husband.

If you are starting your holiday shopping, here are 6 tips to get you started.

Christmas Shopping at TJMaxx and Marshalls

1: Think Sports: When in doubt, think of Dad’s favorite sports team and get him a trinket supporting that group. We actually really lucked out in this department. We snagged both a fabulous plush throw, a fun Nutcracker AND a Major League Baseball Christmas Ornament.  I can’t speak for every man, but the majority will appreciate this selection if it’s in the mix. Don’t worry — your local TJMaxx and Marshall stores will carry sports items that support your town team. I live in NY and my options were –  of course – the Knicks, Mets, Rangers, Giants, Yankees and Jets. They really did have a nice selection.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.22.54 AM


2. Go For Accessories: You can never go wrong with insulated gloves and slippers. Lucky for us, TJ Maxx carried a wide variety of both. My husband’s shoe size is normally pretty hard to find, but there were actually several styles available in a size 13. We were very thankful for that! I live in the North East and I know that the snow is almost here. Sometimes Bill spends hours outside digging out our driveway. A new pair of warm gloves will go a long way during the colder months.



3. The Perfect Tie: I tried so hard to convince my children to get a funny Christmas tie for their Dad. They wouldn’t do it! I don’t know why I just didn’t grab one myself!! Instead, I let them choose their own designs and they did a great job. What man can’t use a brand new tie? It’s always nice to have another color / style to add to their collection and it makes for a great gift for the kids to pick out. They can’t go wrong!


4. Go Designer: I had to find something designer while at TJ Maxx, right? . I mean… isn’t that one of the greatest perks to shopping there? Not only are you buying IN SEASON merchandise, but you are getting the names you love for LESS. Boom. Check out this Ralph Lauren wool scarf I snagged for $29. I know my husband will wear this daily.


After we wrapped up our trip at TJ Maxx — we then headed over to Marshalls to complete our list!


5. Personalize A Gift: Nothing beats a #1 Dad reminder, right? We found an oversized mug at Marshalls and snagged it RIGHT UP. Bill drinks several cups of coffee every morning and I KNOW this will become his favorite mug once he opens up this present. The kids practically squealed when they found it.

6. Don’t Forget The Stocking Stuffers: A nice pair of wool socks will keep Dad happy at night. Grab a few pairs and store them away as great add-on gifts.



7. Dress Him Up: Like I said, my husband would never upgrade his wardrobe if I didn’t do it for him. So, of COURSE I picked out several great looking (and designer) dress shirts for him. We opted for three very different color schemes and called it a day. Hopefully, this will encourage him to get rid of some of the shirts that are shedding and falling apart. They served their time. I think we need to give other articles of clothing a chance. 🙂


We were also so happy to find this weatherproof sweater with brown corduroy elbow patches. It originally retailed for $80, but I snagged it for $24.99!


Woops! How did this awesome “Live Your Dream” frame end up in my pile? It’s so strange because it completely goes with my office decor. 🙂 Hey! When you shop for Dad …. Mom should pick up a little something for herself too, right?

Have you started holiday shopping yet? I hope this post gave you some ideas for Dad. Take the kids. Walk around the store once and see what speaks to you. Believe me, your cart will be filled before you know it! 

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