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Daily Diary: That Smile Cures All

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.44.43 AM


I love this kid. And I love when he wears certain clothing because it just CRACKS ME UP. This shirt – with the tie – I CAN’T. Every single time he puts it on, I crack up! I want to buy him all adult-like clothing and have him run around in it because I find it hilarious. LOL!

Anyway, we had a lot of cleaning to do in the house yesterday. We bagged up over 5 bags worth of clothing from Caleb’s closet. He’s growing so quickly! As I took the clothes out of the drawers, he would just put them back in. Can I tell you that it took me a good two hours to do this task with this boy in the room? But he was having so much fun – so how could I have it any other way???

Caleb is starting to talk a little bit more. Baaaaaalllllllllll , pooooo (for poop) and a few other words have magically made their way into his vocabulary this month. And he finds so many things funny – I mean REALLY FUNNY. He CRACKS UP! I have to get it on video and post it. The whole family gets a kick out of his deep belly laugh.

It’s exciting to enter this new stage with him.

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