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Daily Diary: It Hurts Being A Musician


I was joking with my music instructor when I first sat down with him –

“Can I still get manicures if I get into this?”

Rendered him speechless. I was totally kidding… well ok, half kidding. And it turns out that there was some truth in that statement. My freaking fingers are KILLING ME. On the left hand only – not the right. I don’t practice TOO much but I do try to strum my ukulele once a day at least. I’m learning a particular song (on my own) and I really want to surprise the teacher with the first verse by next class. However, after a few minutes, my fingers start BURNING. They hurt SO MUCH. What is UP WITH THAT?? How do people play the guitar without feeling this pain?

Is this only something I will feel initially? Will my fingers eventually get used to the pushing down of the strings? OH MY WORD!

But anyway – I wanted to film a video of me playing the ukulele and singing the song but I found out that I literally cannot do those two things at the same time? It’s like my right hand, my left hand, and my mouth won’t work together. LOL!

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