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The Latest from AMOREPACIFIC

I’m obsessed with my skin. I pour over my pores and am fanatical about its appearance. But lately it has not been good to me. Luckily, a few nights ago, my skin was treated to the benefits of AMOREPACIFIC‘s newest skincare products at an event at their spa in SoHo in New York City.

The Latest from AMOREPACIFIC

Using the power of ingredients like antioxidant-rich green tea and ultra-hydrating bamboo sap, their products keep your skin young and supple from the inside out.

The Latest from AMOREPACIFIC

Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer SPF 15: $70
This treatment is a lot like the new BB creams I’ve been hearing so much about. It provides the same sheer coverage that a regular tinted moisturizer would, but because it is water-free it also provides optimal hydration. I wore it to work yesterday and today and people could not stop complimenting me on how great my skin looked!

Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer

Moisture Bound Vitalizing Body Lotion: $100
This quadruple threat lotion is able to simultaneously boost circulation, exfoliate, firm skin, and increase moisture levels. Also water-free for prime hydration, the formula continues to release its ingredients for 24 hours straight. Meant for normal to oily skin, this oil-free lotion can be used all over your body including your face. Truly, for me this is the best benefit of the product as I’ll be able to do two jobs with one bottle.

Moisture Bound Vitalizing Body Lotion

Time Response Skin Renewal Gel Creme: $450
Honestly, this was the product that wowed me the most. The package is stunning – like a 10 karat cup – but the product inside is even more impressive. Using AMOREPACIFIC‘s signature Korean green tea, it makes skin look noticeably younger and removes discoloration for more even looking skin tone.

Green tea is at the heart of all of the AMOREPACIFIC line of products. As I learned, not only can green tea provide extraordinary anti-oxidant properties, but it can also predict your future! AMOREPACIFIC treated all of its guests to a green tea reading, in which a psychic interpreted the leaves of the green tea I drank to see what lies in store for my future. Apparently, lots of success, love, and clearly now good skin, too.

All of these products will be available Spring/Summer 2012 at Sephora, select Neiman Marcus stores, Bergdorf Goodman, and the AMOREPACIFIC Beauty Gallery and Spa in New York City. For more information, click here.


Monday 7th of May 2012

I haven't heard of them before. Thank you for the review!

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