Daily Diary: Celebrating 14 Years With The Love Of My Life

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When Bill and I first got married, we always made a really big stink about our anniversary. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a girl who likes a really big stink!! This year – however – we went a little crazy with birthday gifts (I got Bill Met’s World Series tickets and he threw a surprise birthday party for me). Our anniversary is just ONE week after our birthday. Yes, we share a birthday. Yes, November is a difficult month for us financially.

Sometimes we drive out to Connecticut and spend a few days at one of my favorite couple’s spas. Other times we make huge plans in NYC – shows, meals, flowers. You know, the whole sha-bang. But this year, this year – we kept it really simple.

This year, we ordered in with the kids.

This year, we rented a movie.

This year, we took antibiotics together.

This year, we worked on the couch side by side all morning.

And just existed without expectation.

In those moments… I loved him most.

There was something really honest about us just living through the day without having to glorify the day. Our love was enough and I’m not sure I’ve felt this content during previous anniversaries. I was always looking for something to do, to get, to give. Maybe this is what age offers. If this is nearly 40 then I love it.

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