Daily Diary: A Wonderful Time At Sea On The Disney Cruise

Hello from the middle of the ocean!!! We are officially on the Disney Cruise and I have wifi! WOOT. Bill and I have been super secretive with the little ones because we didn’t want them to know that we were meeting two other couples and their children on board. Wait until you see how excited everyone was when they met up! BLISS! The planning and the secrets were all worth it!! These are the same people we took our LAST Disney cruise with. I guess you can say we are Disney Cruise partners for LIFE. Our children are all the same ages and the parents crack each other UP. HA!

IMG_7867 IMG_7874

I’m doing a ton of videoing but starting today I am going to try to take more photos. It’s hard to film and photograph. I have to get used to doing both. Because more of a video crazed person but it’s taking away from me using my real camera. I’m MORPHING OVER TO ANOTHER TYPE OF BLOGGER – all video all day long. EEEK.

Today, I am going to make a conscious effort to take more photos. Stay tuned! And I hope you are enjoying all the posts I wrote up last week for this week. Didn’t want to leave you hanging while I was in floating along.

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