Daily Diary: A Fake Date With My Husband And Then A Trip To See American Sniper

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My husband and I went out to eat with all the kids and my mother over the weekend. For a half a second, everyone was entertained and it felt like an actual date. It was calm. It was manageable. There wasn’t any CRYING!

I threw the phone at my mother and begged her to take our picture. “Let’s pretend we’re on a date!!!”, I said. It almost looks real, right? LOL – perception is everything. If we believe it strongly enough… then it’s true.

The good news is after our meal we actually did sneak away to the movies. We didn’t plan on it, but it’s been a really long time since we unplugged and decided that ‘American Sniper’ was reason enough to make it happen. We bought two tickets on Fandango and made it just in time for the trailers.

The entire theatre was PACKED. People actually had to shift around to make room for us. Everyone had to tighten up in the rows. I’m talking full HOUSE.

When I tell you that I cried… I mean it. I cried for every man and woman that has served this country. I cried for the people who are still fighting and I cried for those who have returned home and are fighting to let go of what they’ve been through. That war movie was – by far – the best war movie I have ever seen in my life. Every other film concentrates on the directive / the target / the explosion. But not this one. American Sniper focused on the man behind the sniper lens. I can’t tell you enough how important it is for you to see this film. It will change your perception of war vets for the rest of your life.

And to all the Chris Kyles that are out there still crouching down in the sand, I pray for your sanity, for your children and your safe return.


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