Chic Gym Wear: How To Look Good At The Gym

I am continuing my health kick and hoping it will last through 2012 and beyond. I just got back from taking a cardio kickboxing class. During that hour, I built up enough courage to watch myself in the mirror. It took me about 3 weeks to look and…. I hated what I saw. I know we aren’t supposed to be getting dressed up for the gym. I get that. It’s not about looking good – it’s about getting fit. But if I’m being honest, I don’t like looking frumpy and I need to be presentable to have peace of mind during the whole thing. Otherwise, the entire hour I’m adjusting and readjusting my clothing trying to hide what I know I need to hide.

So, I’m heading to the outlets this week and hoping I can score a few great pieces (which I will do a video for I promise). In the meantime, I went Internet window shopping to highlight some key items we all need to own.

How to Look Good At The Gym: Fashion Tips

Slim Fit Pants

Why wouldn’t you wear slim fit pants? I want to wear them every day of MY LIFE. It tucks you in where you need to be tucked. These are from Nike but most brands offer this option.

Capri Pants

Personally, I love wearing capri pants to the gym because they make me look thinner. I’m just putting it out there. I have thin lower legs and when I show them off… it’s almost like an optical illusion.

Padded Sports Bra

I don’t really need this, but I have friends that opt for a padded sports bra while working out. ┬áIt’s cold in the beginning of the class and if you want to prevent your nipples from showing through your t shirt, this is a great option.

A Great Pair Of Sneakers

You need to be in the right sneaker. I have been taking aerobics classes and wearing the WRONG SNEAKER! I had no idea (until this morning) that I was supposed to buy either cross training or aerobic sneakers. So, whatever you plan on doing at the gym (whether it be running or classes) – buy the right shoe.

Layer Your Tank Tops

I always love to see the girls who have two tank tops on. One which is longer and covers half their rear and the other which is shorter and a darker color. The longer tank can be white and the shorter can be any color you’d like. This will allow you to wear stretch pants if you’d like. It covers enough of the mid-region and messes with the eye. Two layers confuses perception.

That’s all I got today folks! Do you have any “fashion at the gym” tips you’d like to share?

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  1. I’m with ya! I have started going to the gym again, and I just spent {way too much} money at Athleta on cute gym clothes. It really helps the motivation factor to have cute and flattering clothes to wear!!

    Posted 1.2.12
  2. Tina Renee Barker wrote:

    I love yoga pants but I’d love to have some in navy and brown for a change of pace.
    I already own lots of black and grey.

    Meaningful Beauty entry

    Posted 1.17.12

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