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8 Fun Chalk Games For Kids To Play Outdoors

Looking for a few chalk games to introduce to the kids this summer to help keep them occupied while outside with friends? This creative activity is an inexpensive way to unplug for kids and has limitless options to explore.

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What are fun chalk games for kids to play outdoors? They can design their own chalk obstacle courses, create a workout routine for friends to follow, draw an elaborate hopscotch creation, or work on the ultimate dot game that fills the entire front driveway.

8 Fun Chalk Games For Kids To Play Outdoors

These options and more are just some examples that children can create when equipped with chalk. Another bonus? The drawing devices travel quite easily! So, whether you are heading to the park, grandma’s house, or on the road, packing a few extra packs will hardly take up any room but will guarantee hours of extra fun.

Chalk Obstacle Course

If your children are young, consider mapping out the design for them. Otherwise, let their creativity show and give them full reign on the production of their very own chalk obstacle course.

There are so many different YouTube videos available online showing amazing layouts if they need some inspiration. That could be a rainy day activity for the family.

Total Body Workout

The family could draw their very own gym! Who says getting fit has to be expensive? Create little workout stations in your backyard or in your driveway and get to work! While you are at it, invite the neighbors over.


When you think of chalk and summer, what comes to mind? It’s always hopscotch for me. You can’t have a year without drawing one of these, right?

The Dot Game

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played the dot game growing up as a child. In fact, it was one of my favorite things to do while waiting for a movie to start in the lobby. What a great idea to create a MASSIVE one on the sidewalk.

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Surprise People!

Do you have a neighbor that you are really good friends with and you want to give them a fun surprise? What about creating a chalk-drawn board game in their driveway? How fun! The family is going to love waking up to see the surprise!!


Stapoo is a popular outdoor game played widely by children in other parts of the world. You need at least 3 players to play. This game is also known as Tikkar Billa in North, Chhipri in Maharashtra, and Kith Kith in West Bengal.

Chalk Math Games

Fun and learning can go hand in hand. What if you created some math games outdoors?! Get creative and put some hard puzzles out there. Then see who can solve them the fastest.

Word Wall

When you are done with the math, move on over to English. Kids can have fun with just about anything.

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