Celebrity Interview: Jennie Garth For Crest and Oral-B

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jennie Garth and her daughter, Lola, in NYC. She was in town to promote her partnership with Crest and Oral-B. Jennie is helping Crest and Oral-B remind parents and kids to brush up and brush well, for this back-to-school season.

Crest and Oral-B are aware of the concerns that kids struggle with their parents over. They hate the taste of toothpaste. Crest and Oral-B heard this and changed the taste so it’s more likeable for kids. Most moms have to remind their kids to brush for the full length of time needed. Now, there are automatic toothbrushes that stay on for the full 2 minutes. It serves as a reminder for kids to keep on brushing until it shuts off.

Jennie talked about her own commitment to good oral hygiene with her kids. She also touched on a few more subjects in our interview.

What is your mommy must-have?

Jennie: I love the iCloud. I can stay connected to my kids’ phones and be up to date with their schedules. It’s genuis.

Do your kids watch any of your shows? What do they think?

Jennie: Well, Lola’s too young for most of them, though she likes Dancing With The Stars. She got to see that one. Luca, my 15 yr-old, locked herself in her room for a week and just watched all of Beverly Hills 90210. She was sucked in! I’m still friends with Luke Perry and when he would call, she would get all giggly.

Any favorite beauty products?

Jennie: Well, my makeup artist and I are coming out with an all-natural line of makeup. We really believe in being all-natural.

Do you have any fashion regrets?

Jennie: Oh my goodness! The CMT Awards 2012. I wore this green dress. Luca and Lola saw the dress before and they didn’t like it. They were so right. People bashed it! My girls have really good fashion sense.

You’re a mom of 3 girls. Which age is the most challenging for you?

Jennie: They’re all challenging! Lola is the middle child and it’s about finding time for her to do her stuff. Luca is 15 so she’s a teenager. It’s tough. They’re all challenging. Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Click here for more on Crest Pro Health. Like Crest and Oral-B on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@Crest, @OralB) to receive updates and learn more about children’s dental care.

Written by Tabitha St. Bernard

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  1. I think using this kind of toothbrush when kid’s are young would make an enormous difference when they’re older.

    Posted 8.10.12

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