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California Psychic Reading -The One Tip I Will Never Forget

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I had a chance to get a reading done by California Psychics and wanted to share the experience in case you were interested in having a remote reading as well. Whether you’re interested in tarot cards, mediums, or crystals – there is someone waiting to connect with you right now. 

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I am someone who has had dozens of readings done over the years because it’s something that I truly believe in and was excited at the chance to try something remote – especially given our current situation. What I found was a woman who caught onto something that I was shocked she plugged into as well as a solution that I will forever turn to! I cannot wait to share this information with you. Stay tuned. 

California Psychic Reading -The One Tip I Will Never Forget

First, let’s break down how California Psychics WORKS because when I logged on I didn’t know where to begin. There are a few things you have to look for when determining whether or not you want to receive a call from a particular psychic:

  • Reviews – Make sure you check the average review of who you are interested in. You can even read some detailed descriptions in the comment section. 
  • Cost – Every psychic has their own set rate. This can help determine whether you’d like to give them a shot. 
  • Specialty – As I dove into the site, I noticed that some California Psychics advisors specialized in specific genres like Career, Romance, or Past Lives. This is critical when deciding who to focus on. Their specialty truly matters – especially if you are looking for a psychic advisor to connect with a long-lost loved one. This is prominently displayed. 

Which Psychic Did I Connect With?

Libby the psychic

I can’t tell you WHY I decided on Libby. I spent about ten minutes reading a few profiles and something just spoke to me about her. I was actually looking for career advice because I’ve had a pretty crummy year and wanted a bit of reassurance. 

Here’s a quick recap about what she started to tell me and then I will jump into the tip that I will use moving forward for the rest of my life. 

  • She acknowledged that last year was not kind to me – similar to how it was to many others. However, she felt that starting in February, things would really begin to pick up for me and it will continue to climb until August. 
  • All those unhappy things that I’ve been holding onto will turn around. I will start to focus on different efforts and work. I will feel less stressed as well. 
  • She felt a bit of depression surrounding me. In fact, she felt like I was holding onto it with intention. 

And that’s when the entire reading turned on the side. Libby told me that I am someone that has the power to pray things into reality. But that it goes both ways. I can always pray a really bad year into reality. And not many people can understand why anyone would want that to happen or why they would allow that to happen, but it has happened. 

FULL STOP — Two weeks before taking this call, I had very long conversations with two friends who believe in this world and I told them this very thing. That I BELIEVE that I GAVE MYSELF THE YEAR THAT I HAD. That I WILLED IT and that I MANIFESTED IT. I said those exact WORDS to two women just a few days before this reading. 

Now, this woman did not say “manifest”… she said, “pray.” But between you and me… it’s the same thing. 

Ok, back to the reading – she said because of this ability, I have dark energies clustering around me because they are drawn to me and this ability. 

FULL STOP – I’ve dealt with this my entire life. I won’t get into it but I have spent the last 20+ years managing negative energies. The fact that she caught onto that was really, really, TELLING. 

negative energy cleanse

How To Take Control Of Your Energy Space

Once we finished discussing the future of my business – which I was so happy to hear will be on the up and up – Libby showed me how to cleanse my spirit and energy space. Anyone can do it. 

If you feel like you are holding onto a lot of negativity and darkness, you need a few tools to begin the cleansing process. 

  • white candle
  • salt
  • plate
  • paper and pen
  • good intentions

Place your white candle on a plate and surround it with salt. Then, write down all the things that you want to manifest into your life onto small pieces of paper. All the good thoughts that you hope will come true. All positive beliefs. 

Now, light the candle. Burn each prayer or manifestation and release that positive energy into the world. Show the universe the goodness you want it to understand about your life. 

white candle energy cleanse

What Are Some Manifestation Ideas You Can Write Down?

  • I am successful
  • I am happy
  • I live life presently and fully
  • My family will be safe
  • I will live a life of gratitude
  • I will attract only positive energy
  • I follow my intuition
  • Nobody can stop me from living my life to the fullest
  • My family lives life in true joy

Once you burn each piece of paper, let the thought go into the universe. You have done your part. Libby told me to let the stress go.

manifestation ideas

Spiritually, she said that she felt that I stopped believing in myself. She said it could have presented in a few ways and asked me if I felt like I was overeating and if I became a bit depressed. 

Um… yes. Now I know that I can do something to take steps in the right direction again. Sometimes we just need an action to push us forward. I was SO HAPPY to do this manifestation exercise and I wouldn’t have known about it had I not called up California Psychics. 

My California Psychics reading was really great. I mean it. Once a month, I am going to add this routine to my life. I’m going to shake off all of the negativity I’ve picked up along the way and remind myself that I am in control of my own mental state. 

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Book Your Appointment Today

Visit California Psychics website or download their app to book your reading today and use promo code lady5 to get $5 added to your account when you purchase your first reading. 

California Psychics exists to help people unleash their full potential and live an inspired plentiful life. And guess what? The service is open 24/7! I just love that availability. 

Just in case you are curious – because I was – this company only accepts 2 in 100 psychic applicants through their rigorous testing and training. Good to know!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.


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