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Bright And Bold Floral Prints For Spring: What She Wore

Spring dresses! Spring dresses! Spring dresses! Hey, do you know that I woke up to snow this morning? We had NO IDEA it was supposed to happen. So, when we opened the door and saw all that white powder on the floor, my husband and I were speechless. Isn’t it May yet? My goodness!

I’m already there mentally. In fact – I have two trips coming up that both bring me to warmer weather and I cannot WAIT. I need an escape. I need to run away.

This winter has been particularly harsh and now that the flu is running rampant through my school system… I’m ready to pack everyone up and hide.

But it’s not that easy,  right? We just have to wait it out. There is one thing I can do to ease my mind. S-H-O-P. Holla if you hear me.

Ok, so here are some floral print designs that are bold and bright and remind me of spring. Sadly, I cannot link to this exact dress because it isn’t available online.

Or at least – I couldn’t find it?! I bought it at Lord & Taylor. So strange that it wouldn’t pop up?? But I did find some alternatives that look very similar.

LARA Fashion Cream and Pink Floral Wrap Dress

Floral Wrap Dress

Privacy Please Krause Dress

Ok, the last one is a little sexy. I wouldn’t wear it with a drop like that but if you add a little lace cami, the dress would wear for non-models. 🙂

Any of these remind you of warmer times?!


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