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Adventureland Long Island Amusement Park: A Perfect Day Out With The Family

When I was a kid, I used to visit Adventureland Long Island Amusement Park twice a year with my cousins. It was a HUGE and SPECIAL treat. We would plan the entire day out for HOURS on end.  I guess that was part of the fun, right? When I had my first child in 2005, I couldn’t wait to take her to the place I grew up loving. And now – with three kids under my wing, we make sure to get to Adventureland a few times a year just like I did as a child. It’s the perfect way to spend a day for Long Island families.

Adventureland Long Island Amusement Park: A Perfect Day Out With The Family

Adventureland Long Island Amusement Park: A Perfect Day Out With The Family

Adventureland Long Island Amusement Park Log Flume

Sometimes you don’t want to deal with getting on an airplane or long rides to New Jersey. Sometimes you just want to start the fun in 20 minutes, right?! Adventureland has a wide variety of rides for your kids including water rides — perfect for those hot summer days. 

I mean – just look at this picture of the kids coming down on that water slide. It’s not the biggest ride on the East coast. They didn’t come off soaked. But they are filled with PURE JOY. It was the best ride of their life in that exact moment and we didn’t have to fly anywhere, pack anything, book a hotel – NOTHING. We just had to drive 15 minutes to fill those kids right up. As a parent, that’s all you can ask for out of a day. I love seeing joy like this on my kids’ faces. I can stare at this picture all day. And it happened at Adventureland on Long Island. 

What Age Are Riders Required To Pay For Rides?

ALL riders regardless of age need tickets or a P.O.P. bracelet to ride. No exceptions.

How Much Does It Cost To Ride The Rides?

You have two options. There is a bracelet that allows you to ride all of the rides – unlimited – and then there is a ticket system that allows you to pay as you go. 

Pay One Price (POP)

  • $33.99 per person
  • P.O.P. is for One Person and can not be shared
  • Every rider needs tickets or a POP bracelet to ride
  • Adults accompanying children on rides need to have a POP bracelet or single tickets
  • POP bracelet will become void if removed from the wrist

Single Tickets: $1.50 each

  • Each ride costs 3-5 Tickets
  • Every rider needs tickets or a POP bracelet to ride
  • Adults accompanying children on rides need to have a POP bracelet or single tickets

Can A Family Share A POP Bracelet?

No, a P.O.P. bracelet can only be worn by one person and must be put on by a Ticket Booth Representative. A P.O.P. bracelet will only be valid if it is worn on the wrist, ankle, or belt loop.

Can I Bring Food To The Park?

Picnicking is not permitted anywhere in the park. For safety reasons, barbeque fires are not permitted. Coolers, food or beverages may not be brought into the park or parking lots.

Kids enjoying Adventureland and playing games

Something For Everyone

Whether you are looking to ride a scary roller coaster or sit back and enjoy a delicious ice cream cone, this place is for you. And it’s completely “extended” family friendly. You don’t have to PAY to WALK AROUND. So, grandma and grandpa came come for the day and not have to worry about an entrance fee!!! I love that. You can either buy a band for unlimited rides or pay per ticket. Lots of options!!

Family at AdventureLand Long Island Amusement Park Toddler Rides

There were rides for Caleb, rides for Natalie and Liam and rides for just me and Bill. Lots of variety. The kids tried them all. And of course, we played some games too. You can’t go to an amusement park without playing some games, right?

Adventureland Long Island Amusement ParkHere’s the best part!!!!! Some games are “winner every time”. WHAT? If you have little kids, that means that you won’t have to worry about spending a billion dollars for a stuffed toy. They will win one on that FIRST DOLLAR. Are you kidding me? I almost hit the floor with excitement. I really liked that because you know how disappointed little ones can be when they walk away without a prize. Adventureland really did GOOD with that! 

The park is big enough to keep the kids entertained, but truly small enough that it is totally manageable for the day. I’m not someone who would ever let the kids just run off, but it is nice that the little kid rides are all right next to each other and the bigger kid rides are sort of clustered together as well. So,if  my husband wanted to take one kid to one ride and I wanted to take the others on another, we still were always near one another. So, you could really manage your family with ease at all times. Adventureland’s park set up is truly quite easy. 

Adventure Land Long Island Amusement ParkIn the end, you can see that my children really enjoyed themselves. They had a blast trying to win prizes at the game center. They went on all the rides about a million times. We ate treats and pizza and soda and ice cream. I mean – we truly went all out. And then when we got in our car… we were home within 15 minutes. A TOTAL SCORE. 

Adventure Land Long Island Amusement Park

Have you been to Adventureland recently? This Long Island destination is a classic! Even my little Caleb had a blast looking at the atmosphere. This tree moved and spoke! 

Adventure Land Long Island Amusement Park

For more information about Adventureland, click here. If you are looking for late hours – this amusement park has it! Some nights are open until 11:30PM this summer!!! Love that there is no pressure to get out of the park by dinnertime. Families can stay until 8 or 9 and not worry about the rush.

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