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Easy Closet System Review – Closet Organizer System

My husband and I finally tackled our basement with a closet organizer system that truly took everything we owned and put it in it’s place – The Easy Closet System. I wanted to write up this post to show you exactly what my before and after looked like so you could get a full understanding of my Easy Closet System Review. I have a feeling you are living my life. If you have children, the basement sometimes resembles a neverending abyss of chaos. And you know what? I just can’t live like that anymore. I really can’t! At first, I was afraid of DIY closets, but in the end, my husband was TOTALLY capable of handling the Easy Closets System. We are so thrilled with our results. 

Easy Closet System Review - Closet Organizer System

Easy Closet System Review – Closet Organizer System

Remember that disastrous nightmare I showed you of my basement? I am so horrified that I actually had to admit that online. Once you put something online, it’s there forever, right? But I needed to post my basement as it WAS so I could show you what those DIY closets help it become. Since we installed the Easy Closet system on our own, we’ve been happily living in organized bliss. 

The Whole Family Got Involved:

Here is how everyone got involved. The kids and I got together and did all the sorting. We went through all the toys and made three piles:

  • toys we wanted to keep
  • toys we wanted to donate
  • toys that were on their last leg and really just needed to be tossed into the garbage

I thought that the children would give me push back. I was nervous that they wouldn’t want to part with ANYTHING, but I was wrong. The kids actually had no problem going through and admitting that they really don’t play with much of their stuff anymore. Motherhood BLISS. The built in closets are now filled with baskets and lined books. They are in order and allow my family to recognize that everything has it’s place. 

Video Review Of Easy Closets

Here are two videos I shot with the Easy Closets team that I would love for you to check out. I open up a bit about the process, the installation and how I feel now that we are out from under the chaos. 

(why we decided to team up with Easy Closets)

(how our house functions now that we can use our basement)

This Closet Solution Was Life Changing

I said in one of the videos that our closet organization systems are “life changing” and I absolutely meant it! My husband and I look at one another and we often wonder what took us so long?I think we were afraid of custom closets and the thought of having to put them together on our own. But Easy Closets really makes it simple for their customers. The instructions are easy to follow and the fear is the only thing that is stopping you. On the other side of the rainbow is organization and happiness. A life filled with joy. It’s there. I promise you. I feel like an organized house is contributing to our happy marriage

To check out what type of closet kits Easy Closets has to offer you – click here. There’s a DIY closet solution with your name on it!  Next up, I’m tackling my shelving issues in my living room

* I teamed up with Easy Closets to help promote their home renovation series.


Sunday 26th of January 2014

wow looks wonderful and i am loving the pink on you too

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