5 Tips To Help You Set Up The Perfect Kids Table For The Holidays


If you are hosting this holiday season, I have a few tips for you to consider before you set out to create the perfect kids table for your younger guests.


Here’s a little confession – I used to LOVE sitting at the kids’ table! There was never a moment when I wanted to “graduate UP” because my cousins always took the time to make our little spot special.

What can you do to make your children and their cousins’ meals extra delicious this Christmas? Here are 5 easy tips to get you started!

5 Tips To Help You Set Up The Perfect Kids Table For The Holidays


1. Place Card Holders: Want a kid to feel cool? Make them believe they have complete ownership over a particular seat!  When little ones show up and realize that their names are assigned to a spot… it will almost feel like winning the lotto.  {Featured: Ornament Place Card Holders}

2. Avoid The Appearance Of Stains: Do yourself a favor and purchase a patterned and dark tablecloth. If the children spill (if… HA), it won’t show on a design like the one I am featuring above from Wayfair.


3. Christmas Fun Bag: I love to give the kids something extra at parties — a little goodie bag if you will. It contains crayons and coloring books, magic tricks and puzzles. Where do I find all of these things? At the dollar store! For about $5 a kids, you can ensure peace during dinner! Trust me, it works.


4. Extra Details: Are you going to put a salt and pepper shaker on the table? Make sure it’s a festive one! Adding some cups to the table? How about one that calls them Santa’s Little Helper? So FUN! These little additions will make a world of a difference.

5. Serve Them Their Dinner: Don’t try to make it buffet style even though that’s what’s happening over on the adult table. It’s just not the same for little kids. It will be messy and chaotic and everyone will just serve themselves pasta with butter. Where are the vegetables?!

Those are my tips. Do you have any to share? I would love to hear what you do to make your kids table special during the holidays.

To learn more about the perfect kids table, click here.

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